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SamWise - I have a diesel Saxo as a backup - fantastically fuel efficient and easy to jump in and use without worrying about scuffing the seats with your backside (if it's over-size like mine!). Fantastically reliable and quite chuckable fun too!

I often look at the AX and think I'd rather that than the Saxo as the 'styling' is more characterful. I understand where you're coming from and would heartily recommend either 'bland little eurobox' as a backup.
More characterful styling, AND cheaper. I think there's a place for a tiny hatchback in everyone's fleet.
Aha I see your logic now - an AX AND a CX.

Yep good plan, as there is no one car that will do all that we want them to do, the only alternative is a small fleet, each with specific jobs.

BTW - didn't say that I don't like BX's - I've owned several, including 1 new one as a "company car" which I indulged myself in. The BX is a good all round car - I've had diesels mainly and again mostly estates.

But absolutely NO comparison to a CX - in any department - except maybe economy. As for style, well one has it the other doesn't. rolleyes.gif The BX to me was a utilty vehicle, not something I bought because I desired it. Today if I see a CX on the road I see the last of an iconic design, a BX passes me by, and well, it passes me by. wacko.gif

More aha, Masers eh? I had a Bora in the late 80's. Nice'ish car but not ever quite the supercar it pretended to be - in fact either of my Alpine GTA Turbos [ one stock, one chipped ] would have sucked it's doors off. Suffered with gearbox problems, which in the end lead to my parting with it - part exchange for a de Tomaso Pantera.

Now then - how about if everyone lists their favourite cars / vehicles for a specific task?

I've already stated, that if Citroen had ever made a LWB XM familliale, that's what I'd be driving now. biggrin.gif

In the real World what would I like from a vehicle?

1. Utility with long distance mile munching capability and towing ability [ XM Estate ]
2. Something "exciting" - but affordable [ ALpine GTA Turbo ]
3. Economical / practical - probably a diesel C 15
then - occassionally I need a pick up, then occassionally I need the capabilty of carrying 7-8 people.
Guess it'll be quite a big fleet then! And that's before we even get started on my fleet of Bikes [ Motor, that is ].

You're quite right DerekW, it wouldn't do for us all to like the same stuff - after all, if the XM was generally valued as WE all know it should, then I for one could never have afforded models when they were only 1 , 2 years old.

Vive la difference eh.

Hi beachcomber

I'd love to own and drive everyday an Alpine, the last series -A610 they call those?-. Excellent and friendly handling (as far as I've read) at a time 911s were death-cars...They now go for about 20,000eu in Germany, as I see. Love the shape of it -I'll have a red or yellow one, please-!

What a shame the french don't have the critical mass to develop all these interesting cars into serious contenders sad.gif

XM v6 sadist

I had BL Auto in Wellyn Garden City change the auto box in my 24v and late last year I went back for an oil change - as part of the box's warranty. They gave me a 1.0 AX for a loan car for the day. Hence I went from the top of the citroen model list to the bottom in a day. The AX was just about OK but felt very old fashioned - poor insulated, noisy and slow. I never get this feeling going from my XM to any modern car even my 3 year old Honda accord. I had a ZX TD for six years and this felt like a big step up from an AX. I'd say that if I wanted a smaller hatch I'd probably go for another ZX, they aren't exactly much more expensive than a AX and the 1.9 TD in them was fairly bombproof. Or how about a 306. Nice cars.

Having said all that I do have an unused spare space in my garage and I was very tempted by the Activa that just went on e-bay tonight.


Before moving to french cars I had a little Metro 1.5D. Wasn't that comfortable but at 50+ mpg I got the smiles at the fuel station. I would have thought a Saxo diesel would be much better ride wise and still good economy.

QUOTE (steelcityuk @ Jan 25 2008, 09:28 AM)
Before moving to french cars I had a little Metro 1.5D. Wasn't that comfortable but at 50+ mpg I got the smiles at the fuel station. I would have thought a Saxo diesel would be much better ride wise and still good economy.


Hi Steve

wasn't the Metro a comfortable ride? I've been reading various UK period-tests and they all praise the suspension's comfort -which has suprised me as I've only seen these cars "pumping" around -bit like the Mini-. So what's the truth?

My girfriend bought a ZX 19.d (no turbo) last summer (£360) and it's absolutely decent. It keeps comfortably 70 on the motorway -suprising for a car with 70hp, makes u think how the turbo version must be then??-. Suspension in very near the hydropneumatic in performance, it's better than any other conventionally-sprung soft car I've driven -comfortable but not accompanied with uncontrolable wallowing-. How do they do it?? Does about 45mpg with 50% city-50% motorway.

Hi G.

Well of the 3 Metros I've had none have been supple (Vanden Plas, Turbo and 1.5D). I'd say they are very mini like in their ride - firm and go kart like. Here in Sheffield we have a council that treats motorists like criminals (still that's not true, crminals get a fair trial!) so we have speed bumps everywhere and Metros don't like them one bit. Also the Hydragas units are prone to failure because of corrosion, this weakens them and they go pop. In fact on my way to buy my first french car (405 GTX TD) the rear Hydragas unit failed with a bang 1/2 mile from the sellers house.

I remember the ZX diesel turbo making headlines when it was released for it's performance and economy. I've not tried one yet but I will one day. They are supposed have passive rear steering aren't they?


Yes the ZX has passive rear steering and it was the undisputed best handling car of its era -and prob still today, with the Focus-. Built quality is just fine -electrics in my girfriend's one are not at their best: headlights come on slowly, all ventilation bulbs are off, instrument rheostat plays up, but electric windows both work great!-. The only thing I don't like in the ZX is the pronounced off-steering-wheel-centre seating. It unconsciously makes me resume an assymetrical position after a while, that can hurt after...a while later! Also the seats, there is just no comparison with the XM -which has to have some of the most anatomic seats ever made into a car-.

The interesting bit is that I read somewhere that also the XM got this passive stering axle on MK2 (or perhaps MK 1.5 in reality?). Fact is *I* totally feel it in mine if I give a quick dose of steering as I negotiate a curve. Helps massively in things like a small roundabout or 90 degree corners. I was impressed by the set-up till I read this information -ah! it was on XM-L- because traditionally Cits' rears don't quite "listen" to the steering wheel, the opposite -that's much more Peugeot trademark-.

the undisputed best handling car of its era -and prob still today<<<<<<<<

I hope you are correct - I have just bought an "Aura" 1.9 TD as a gamble as a stand-by car. What range of ZXs was available, and which is the most deisrable? And why? Off topic, I know, but you seem to be well-aquainted with them.
Well the 306 is the same chassis and that's a favourite with the boy racers and journalists at the time.

The favourite trim seems to be Volcane if you can find one at a sensible price.

Wikipedia has a short piece on them -

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