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After getting the wiring diagrams (cheers noz) i've been having a go at sorting the engine bay electrics

Thing is, on the diagram it says something about a speed sensor, but i have two, which do i use?

one is half way up the speedo cable and the other is on the gearbox where the speedo cable plugs in, the plug i have fits either sensor, but does it matter which i use?


Hi Rob,

I'm not familiar with those particular sensors first hand but, will the cable be long enough to reach both? I would have thought it would only be able to reach one of them so by definition that will be the correct one.

If you have two sensors, don't you have two plugs on the end of two cables? Do you have a spare cable and plug dangling anywhere inthe engine bay?

The plugs are usually 'keyed' to prevent you plugging them into the wrong socket. Although they may look the same at first glance I'm sure you'l find the knobbly bits around the edge are different from one another.

I suspect one may be for the injection ecu and one for the suspension ecu (only a guess mind) and the 'normal' spinning cable does the speedo on the dash.

(a lot of guesing going on here)


noz cool.gif
Well the plug i have fits both sensors, it is keyed but both are the same blink.gif

I dont have much in the way of wiring in the engine bay, thats why i needed the wiring diagrams, i got the car as a non runner as the wiring had all been butchered - i have a pile of wires the engine loom appears to be in tact but the round multi plug has been cut off on the car side of the loom and all the wires pulled out all over the place

Apparently the previous owner had bought the car to fit the engine into a 205, but half way through wrecking the wiring crashed his car, thus leaving the wiring butchered, but you cant complain for £50!

The car is mechanically and structorally (sp?) sound so should go through a test once i have the jungle of wires sorted!!

There's one in my local scrappy too so i'll check that if i cant figure it out myself!!



No problem

If you need any more help just give us a shout.

I know I'm going to regret asking this but I'm intrigued. Whats you're avatar a picture of?


Its in the standard avatar galery, dunno what it is!!

I have a pic of my XM that i'm going to photoshop to avatar size soon biggrin.gif

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