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Can someone help (probably Noz) are the front wings the same on all cars, are they only held on by the bolts, and has anyone got a n/s one


I can confirm they are identical and they are held on just by bolts (10 off by the looks of it).

Unfortunately, I don't have one spare.


noz cool.gif
David Hallworth
i Have got a n/s front wing from a series 1. The idiot that had it before me chose to get it sprayed purple tho when he got the car resprayed from its original grey.

Let me know what your thoughts are.
Thanks Noz and David,

I am watching a car on e-bay (now you will probably all be bidding on it!) if I get it I will require a front wing so will keep you posted.

I also have a pair of silver wings from the mk 1 I broke up a couple of weeks ago.

Thanks all. Looks as though I am going to be outbid on the car, so if an XM club member buys it, let me know what its like!

Mk 1 and 2 wings have a subtle difference: the side indicator holes are not the same. This is not a major consideration - either use the lens as fitted already to the wing, or enlarge the hole for a Mk 2 lens.

Pedantic, I know!
I think the cut outs at the top of the drivers side wing vary as well.
Early cars have the VIN no punched on the metal behind the engine, the later ones have it on the chassis where the drivers wing fits. The later wings have a cut out for the VIN to be seen.
Has the man with the Mk2 silver wings got a good silver front bumper going for peanuts?
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