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Hi, my speedo has this very annoying problem of bouncing wildly about - i.e. the jumps are often more than 30 ks - which makes for guessing the speed very tricky.

Is this a dirty cable? How could I fix? Will I have to face the nightmare of pulling the dash apart?

Which Xm do you have the problem with. Is it the older one?

I thought your V6 would have an electronic speedo ie no cable?


noz cool.gif
It's the 1993 2.0 turbo. I think I've read somewhere (yahoo?) about sticky cables.
Hmmm, I think I've read that too.

How accessible is the cable at the gearbox end? It might be worth disconnecting it and trying to turn it by hand. You might be able to detect by feel if the cable is sticky.

If not, the next thing to suspect is the little drive gear inside the box. It is usually held in with a single bolt so should come out easily enough (on an XM ;-( ?).

Lastly of course its a speedo out job. Certainly on the S2 this is not as difficult as it sounds. Airbag off, steering wheel off, steering column cowl off, instrument surround removed and instrument cluster out. See - easy peasy.


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Its S1 so will be cable driven.

The cable is is two parts, the joint just the other side of the firewall on the nearside.

The problem is the top cable as it has to snake at 90deg twice to get to that side of the car and just dies.

It can be pulled through on a wire tied to the old cable. Two man job with plenty of pulling back and front.

Connect up to the speedo head and bobs yer uncle

£25 ish from Cit main dealer

And after doing all that, including replacing the lower cable, it still jumps (and so throws off the cruise control on mine). I've disconnected the upper cable and am living without it sad.gif
How do you get cruise control on a Mk1 2.1 td, or do you have a later engine?

Sorry for delayed reply, I'm not a regular as you can see cool.gif The car had an after-market cruise control kit on it when I bought it. It works beautifully well (especially with the auto box, all I do is steer) and I wouldn't have another car without it. The speed sensor consists of a magnetic rotor and coil device fitted to top end of the lower cable, "in series" with the Hydractive speed sensor. It's the standard 2.1TD engine. The latest news is I do now have a speedo - I bought a cheap bike computer and stuck the sensor to the brake caliper and the magnet to the inside of the front wheel. The hard bit was feeding the cable through (you get wireless ones but the signal would be to weak to work in this situation), but I have the computer mounted on the tweeter cover and it works fine! Extremely accurate (you input the actual wheel size to the nearest mm) and you also have average & max. speed, trip time and choice of km/h or mph. What I did find was that the original speedo over-read by a whopping 18% or so - at a true 51 mph it was telling me 60. No wonder I was always late blink.gif But at least it kept me speeding ticket-free...
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