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Full Version Xantia Rain Sensor To Xm?

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Just wondering.. I drove a Xantia with automatic wipers today and it got me thinking. Is it possible to install the automated wipers system to an XM? If I found a Xantia with the needed parts from a scrapyard, would it be possible.. Has anyone done this and if so, exactly what parts do I need? Any other advice regarding this matter is also greatly appreciated smile.gif

PS. I found out that Hella has manufactured aftermarket systems like this, but they have gone out of production. I'm also intrested in knowing if there are other companies that produce similar aftermarket systems.
I imagine its just a very simple input from the sensor which activates the wiper circuit, so can't see any reason why it shouldn't be possible to make it work.

I though some models in the XM final years production had automatic wipers fitted as standard. Will see if I can find any reference.


My 2000 model, manufactured Oct 99, didn't have rain sensors.

Prior to my XM I had a Pug 406 which had them and I found them to be disappointing. They were either not going fast enough when conditions demanded or were going like the clappers after the rain had ceased.

I'm a fan of auto gearboxes, but give me a manual windscreen wiper every time.

XM v6 sadist
Hi Derek

I'm with you too. I've had a couple of cars with automatic sensing wipers (a pug, an VW and an audi) and I've found them to be more trouble than they are worth.

I haven't seen them on an XM and there is no mention of anything in the manual.


my 2000-july vsx does NOT have auto wipers and agree that having driven cars with this feature it ain't up to no great shakes!
Hmm.. I have no complaints whatsoever. I've driven this Xantia with autowipers many times and to me it seems to work perfectly. No matter. I still want one. Been looking for this Hella Raintronic on eBay but haven't managed to find one yet.. I'm still intrested in the Xantia parts if anyone has those (+ installation instructions) and doesn't need them cool.gif
My son has a Pug 306 with them and I thought they were ok.

Waeco make them. I bought my central locking kit from them. Some ebay entries for their stuff.
MY '99 Xantia HDi has them and I quite like them-occasionaly they seem slightly 'out of kilter' but generally they're great for driving in drizzly conditions...

I am sure that I have seen a mirror mounting on eBay for the XM with the wiper sensor built in.

Hi All

Came across the XM auto wiper reference the other day. Citroen Workshop Manual says that auto wipers were fitted to the final couple of years production but 2.5TD's only. Never seen or heard of a UK late 2.5TD perhaps because of the 95/96 over production of 2.5TD's.


Hi all, a bit late with this one. Again only multiplexed xm's had auto wipe, no multiplexed xm,s were exported out of France.
That's probably a good thing....
I'll say, that would have been a nail in the coffin for me!
i have to say i agree with these sentiments!
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