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Just some initial thoughts to get the discussion going on this topical subject.
Whilst I may be a graphic designer, I'm quite happy to accept I don't always
have the best idea; a good old brainstorm can always bear great results...

user posted image

user posted image

user posted image

I personally believe something striking with the 'punch' of a sharp or memorable
sign-off works on a car sticker. Generally the less said the more impact so I've
probably already used too many words with these but it's the sentiment, content,
and I guess style I'm exploring here!

The resolution is dire so don't expect these to be the final versions for print!!
(That is of course if anyone actually 'gets' them or remotely likes anything!! :-D)

I'll have a sleep on this and come back with a few more ideas asap!!
Usually I'm able to rattle loads of ideas off, but it's very late and bed beckons

Hi Andrew,

Very good - I couldn't do that for all the tea in China!

I prefer the 1st one. Can I suggest it might be better without the line "Just like the XM!"


Hi all

My opinion: I also prefer the 1st one, but I'd further omit all the adjectives. "clubXMforum" and the web addy is just what I'd like to stick on a car of mine.

Another version could just include the black strip containing the web address.

Those are great, very funny laugh.gif

I do agree with George though, I think there should also be a small, subtle, easy to read single line URL one, thinking in terms of whats most effective when someone gets a quick glance of your car flying past, and also doesn't take up a lot of space on the window.

I do love the funny handbrake ones though! Spose you could stretch that to the suspension too smile.gif
They look brilliant Andrew

I like the first one, but I think that the impact of "just like the XM" will be missed on most people who are only generally going to glance briefly, but otherwise perfect. But that's only my opinion.

The first one please! But nothing on it bar the club name and how to access it. It's not quirky - just different - and better for those who try it. The handbrake is common on Mercedes - but does anyone ever remark upon it????? Noooooo !
The first one please - love it but agree with the others that it only needs the club name and address.

Well done ! Colin.P
good afternoon gents

Many thanks to Andrew for starting to throw some ideas around regarding design . Do we need a picture of an xm on it though? since the sticker will already be on an xm, I do like the first one though, but as many have said without the sign off,
or maybe THE RIDE OF YOU'RE LIFE if we do have one??. I personally wouldn't want anything much bigger than the Total sticker that's in the back window of most cits, people wouldn't see it when driving anyway, If we all had them though it would give passing owners an idea if the other driver was on here or not, Don't look too hard mind, there could be a spate of accidents involving xm's as the two passing drivers were looking in there rear view mirrors trying to ascertain whether the other driver is a member or not and fall off the road biggrin.gif
I havent bothered going to the printers yet for a price because i had no idea what it was going to look like but i will print off one off the above and take it in later in the week to get a rough idea, i think Ciaran was going to look into it too, anyone else???? the more prices the better.

I think the count is up to 60 now at least.

The answer to that is to have one on the windscreen as well! rolleyes.gif

QUOTE (Peter.N. @ Nov 27 2007, 18:37 PM)
The answer to that is to have one on the windscreen as well! rolleyes.gif

What, right in the middle of the drivers side tongue.gif

I'll be up for a couple when they are done, but probably not as many as 10.
QUOTE (rowanmoor)
I'll be up for a couple when they are done, but probably not as many as 10.

You obviously don't have enough XMs, yet laugh.gif
If I had the space to keep more then I would probably have been tempted by some of the V6's that have been mentioned. Just to see how they compare to the 2.5 you understand.
The wording of the second one but with just "The meeting place for fans", which says it all for me.

As an alternative, would it be possible to incorporate the Citroen inverted chevron into the the lower part of the "X" in "XM"? I've tried with various paint programs but failed.

I prefer the pic in the 3rd one, "The meeting place for fans" works for me too. Why not make the X out of chevrons top and bottom? Or is that going TOO far.

2 for me please, when they're done.

From experience, Citroen themselves would quite likely object to their logo being used on anything but a Citroen-generated item.
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