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Evening folks.

In light of recently changing the track rod ends on the S1, I thought it prudent to get the tracking checked tomorrow.

I know those of us who are hardcore enough like Peter can tackle their own, however I'm resigned to taking it to some outlet and getting someone else to do it smile.gif

The main thing I'm wondering, is what instructions should I tell them if they're not familiar with Cit suspension? I know that there are some issues about having to check it at a particular height, as the suspension geometery changes when the car alters height?


Hi Ciarán, just normal driving height with the motor running. I use and swear by (rather than at) the Gunsons "Trackrite" tool for checking and adjusting my cars - not too expensive and readily available from motor factors.

The only useful suggestion I can really make is - check it yourself afterwards! smile.gif smile.gif

Well it turned out to not be too bad. Took it down to a local place and the guy was fascinated by XMs, says hes never had one in his workshop before, but has done a fair few Xantias. He checked the alignment with the engine running at normal height, and right enough, the passenger side was seen to be out by a fair bit. That was soon sorted, then we spent the next 20 minutes with him just looking round the car saying things like 'Really don't see many of them these days, they sure are different', and that he couldn't believe how clean it was underneath.

Found a nice flat straight road on the way home and the car runs nice and straight even when letting go of the wheel for a time smile.gif

I didn't know they sold DIY tools for checking the tracking , unless you can make your own, eh Peter? laugh.gif
I must get a hold of one, could save some time in the future.


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