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am looking to buy an xm and have been pondering this question

trim aside what would u go for

a 2.5 (a mate has described the 2.5 as a tractor engine) with a manual gear box


2.1 with a auto gear box (auto gear box prone to fail)

What does he mean by a tractor engine? Torque yes, physical size yes, but smoothness, acceleration and noise levels are the complete opposite of a tractor. You know you want one... wink.gif

However, access is rather limited under the bonnet. A 2.1 is much easier to get to.
I think the 2.5 started life as a commercial engine fitted to some vans. But no definitely not tractors. laugh.gif
Am I right that the 2.5 in the vans is the same block with a different head on it or something similar? Doesn't the commercial one lack some or all of the balancing shafts?
Tractor engine, certainly not. I wouldn't even classify the 2.1 as a tractor. How many tractors have you seen that can shift like XMs do! smile.gif

Besides, who cares what other people think of the engine, part of the joy of owning an XM is people think you're a lunatic, and you do what you want anyway. You're a style outlaw, a non-conformist, a loose cannon etc! laugh.gif

When I went to buy a diesel rather than a petrol xm. It wasn't a case of do I want a manual or auto. I knew I wanted an auto so no choice on engine. V6 with LPG is far better for performance and fuel cost (equivalent of 45mpg approx for mine).
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