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I'm taking the XM to France at the weekend - whoopee smile.gif

But I'm not quite sure what to do about the headlamps. I've found Julian Marsh's template (.pdf) but you can't get hold of the black sticky material any more - at least not in any of my local motor shops - so I can't think of a way to make them.

All I can find is these:

user posted image

They are much better than the old-style black ones... but do they work on an XM? And if so where do I fit them?
when u open up the packet there should be instructions on where to place them, usually quite easy to follow, just have to clean and warm the lights up first

when i first went across to france in my bx you could get them in yellow cool.gif

and this year didnt fit them at all huh.gif

but did have a set in the glove compartment

and dont forget the duty free on the way back wacko.gif

user posted image
QUOTE (charlie)
when u open up the packet there should be instructions on where to place them

For sure, but I wanted to find out if they will have instructions for the XM. There's no list of cars on the outside of the packet and I don't want to spend £6.99 to find that I can't use the things...

Excellent picture, I intend for mine to look something like that on the way home smile.gif
and while ur over there could u please pick this up for me

Hi Stu
I wouldn't bother.The XM's headlights are so bad you are wasting your time.I have travelled for maybe 30K in the last 3 years around France in my 2 XM's and I have only been flashed once for my "dazzling" lights.French lorry drivers would let you know if your lights were causing a hazard.Obviously if you have HID's or other upgrades then you need to do something.The operators in the toll booths also would tell you as well.
You also need by law a fire extinguisher,spare bulb set,warning triangle,1st aid kit and I think now a high visibility vest.GB on a sticker or EU no plates.All these things are much cheaper in the French supermarkets than here or on the ferry etc.Also you need to carry a can of fuel as it is an offence to break down on the motorway due to running out.The services can be a lot further apart than in the UK although they do tell you how far ahead the next one is.
If you see a car on fire at the side of the road you must stop.I was rushing to catch the last ferry and came across a coach fully ablaze on the hard shoulder....I decided my mini extinguisher wasn't going to do the job and carried on!!!
Fuel is much cheaper at the supermarkets rather than on the Autoroutes(if you go on them),and be prepared for your credit card not to work if you go to the 24/24 ones without a kiosk.Supermarket ones are open shop hours only and then they go onto card payment.
Bonne voyage
Regards Rob
The XM's headlights are so bad you are wasting your time.

I know that - I hope Le Plod do too biggrin.gif If you've done 30K in them I will believe you.

I spent a few years punting about Europe in a GS, a CX and a Rover 2000 and only ever had a problem with the authorities when the CX caught fire in the rush hour. I'd rather pre-empt problems than have to deal with them though...
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