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Here's the basic problem. When I bought the car, it was warm and there was no problem whatsoever. Now that it's colder (Finnish autumn), the light is on on cold days, and it stays on until I've driven for awhile. When the car is all warmed up I can restart the engine and the light isn't on anymore. Except when it's very cold, then it might not go off at all. I'm guessing during winter it stays on.

I went to a local Citroën dealer and they had the fault codes checked. To my accident the car was warm and the light wasn't on so they cleared the fault memory and said it must have been a "one time incident" and the problem is probably gone now. Well, it wasn't so it was 20€ worth of nothing.

So I'm hoping someone here has an idea of what's causing the problem. I already checked the contacts under the front seats and sprayed some contact spray on them, but that didn't really do any good unsure.gif
I expect that one of our electronic experts will come up with a suggestion, but it seems to me that we're delving into the depths of inertia switches and explosive charges, and that's scary stuff.

As I have said before here the solution to all airbag problems is to drive a series 1 car.

John laugh.gif
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