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Full Version Xm S1 V6 Down On It's Uppers

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I haven't started my sorned V6 12V for about eighteen months, and the last time I tried about 3 months ago I had a big smell of petrol but no firing. I know the plugs are the wrong type BCP7 not BCP6 NGKs' so I wasn't surprised - lucky it turned over really and I just thought that all that petrol swishing about would protect the bores, and I always have Redex in the fuel. Anway looked at the car last week and noticed the backend is about to hit the ground, just enough room to put my fingers under it. I think I had better get it started to raise the suspension if nothing else. I was wondering if this might be caused by a brake pipe corroding through or something like that, although there is no evidence of any green slime on the ground or indeed any smell. Any thoughts anyone?
Thanks everybody. blink.gif unsure.gif
Think that rock bottom sinking is about normal when they've been sitting for a long period of time. Hell, my S1 does it when left overnight! smile.gif
I wouldn't be overly concerned about it unless theres a leak, as you say. Still, starting it once in a while can't hurt.

As for the non running, no doubt one of our resident V experts will be along shortly...

Oh right thanks Ciaran rolleyes.gif
Hi there,
Smell of petrol would suggest no sparks?.Try popping a plug out earthing it to the engine whilst spinning it over. If no spark then perhaps damp/dirty distributor cap/HT leads/rotor arm. Maybe carbon brush sticking/not making contact with rotor arm?
Loads of options ,try the usual XM thing check any relevant electrical connections for dirt or corrosion etc.
Wonder if you may get more response to the starting prob if posted in petrol specific....?
Cheers, Carl
I've found a reluctance to start after a long layout on the V6's. I'd certainly concentrate on
the cap as it'll likely have formed a nice green algae corrosion on the rotor and the carbon
pick ups in the cap. As nothing else has been touched this would be the main culprit!

Hi Paulxmski.

Evil stuff, petrol. It won't protect your bores -- quite the opposite -- it will wash off any oil and maximise the chances of corrosion. If you regularly leave the motor standing for long periods, you could really do with taking the plugs out (don't know if that's tricky on the V engines; never had one) and putting a squirt of some kind of aerosol rustproofer down each pot.

Thanks everybody still trying ph34r.gif
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