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Full Version Front Wheel Bearing On 2.5td

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Sorry I previously posted this in the wrong place

Anyone tell me how difficult/easy it is to change a front n/side wheel bearing on a 2.5td. I've got the new bearing but looking at the Haynes manual you need to de-pressurise the system etc, etc. Just wondered if anyone had done one
I have done one or two on 2.1td's and would expect the 2.5 to be the same. Unfortunatly, it was sometime ago and my memory being what it is....
It will certainly require the removal of the hub assembly and a large vice to hold it firmly. You maybe able to knock the bearing out using a suitably sized socket and fairly heavy hammer. I seem to remember the inner part coming off, leaving the outer part stuck in the hub. If this is the case it can be removed fairly easily by using an arc welder to run a ring of metal around the inside of the outer part of the bearing, when this cools it will shrink the casing which should then be easily removable.

The best way to refit is to use a long bolt with a socket that fits the end of the bearing but that will slide inside the hub, on one end, and a large washer on the other to stop it pulling through, and just wind the bearing in. You will need to remove any burrs on the metal first and give it a coat of grease.

That's as I remember it. huh.gif wacko.gif wacko.gif

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