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Hi all

Not really a huge problem but i am struggling with what should be a simple job. basically the new CV boot i have ordered from Citroen (3rd time lucky mad.gif ) says it should fit 4hp18 auto box outer joint, so it should be right, but it is slightly smaller in diameter and length than the old one and seems very tight to get on.
It also has green nylon hoops and not the orange ones the old boot had, is this the wrong part, again! or should all be well?
And yes i can hear you all shouting "you should just get a universal one", but i put one on the o/s 3 years ago and its starting to perish already, while the genuine boot has lasted 14 years so i would like to use the real deal.

Hi dean

I agree with you entirely about universal boots! As to the one they have supplied, it should be a fairly tight fit, but if you are having to stretch it severly to get it to fit, I would suggest its the wrong one again. The GSF reference is N45026 - auto/td
£7.50 +vat.

Thanks Peter but it was the right one in the end, it just threw me a bit because it was slightly smaller than the old one, but it has gone on a treat, apart from those silly loop ties, can anyone get them to do up tight??? i have to resort to stainless zip tie style clips.
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