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Full Version Dare I Say Xsantia

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ive just had i local lad off my estate, ask if the 1.8i 16valve zant engine is valve safe as his has just gone ?? any body know, also will a 2.0 turbo injection XM engine fit a zant? if so ill sell him mine he he, terry wink.gif

Not got a cat in hells chance that its not done any damage ???
Sorry to be the one to tell you that huh.gif

cheapest thing to do is look for a second hand head or engine ??

If you start off putting valves in it it will cost an arm and a leg !!

Not that hard to find out of Xantia will not do off Bx or MI 16

A scrap car would be your best bet to get the engine out of might find one with suspentio probs on ebay going cheap

Its worth a look or in the loot WWW.LOOT.COM

God luck m8

Just for information....

Replacing valves ONLY will work. When the belts go they ONLY bend the valve heads NOT the stems like the diesels, this is because the valves are angled, where on the diesels the valves are vertically over the top of the piston.

I know the stems dont bend as I have done TWO 16v Xantias with broken belts and I litterally only needed to replace valves...

All guides and seals were fine..

Sorry reply a little late if not totally too late.

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