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Evening guys,

Well, a busy XM day today it seems. I've noticed, in the driver's side wheel arch of the S2, that the thick protecting coating on some of the inner wing, has started to flake and peel off. I'm not sure if this stuff is paint or something else, but its thick and flaky, and a small hole in it has developed on the upper rear flat part of the wheel arch where the wing meets the bulkhead, a few inches back from the strut top. Inside the hole is solid metal, but a small amount of surface rust has started in here.
I'd like to get it nipped in the bud ASAP, but to do so I think this protective substance, whatever it is, needs to be peeled off first. My question is, what is this stuff? Is it just thick paint? Something I can reapply myself, or am I better entrusting this to a bodyshop or something?

Sorry about the somewhat vague description, I'll take pictures etc if necessary, but any thoughts would be appreciated.

Many thanks.

Hi ciaran

Its fairly easy to do yourself, i took the front bumper off so that i could unbolt and remove the wings and really get in there and clean it all back, pealing off the anti chip coating that was loose and treating any areas that were starting to rust with rust cure, and then painting with a wax oil type under seal, A picture may be handy though, not sure about this hole that's appeared? and just to double check, we aren't talking about the thick metal adhesive are we? You should see it around strut turrets and lap joints in the shell of the car, Pretty sure its just the anti chip/rust coating though.
Hi Dean,

The hole thats appeared is in the anti-chip coating, its coming off in large flakes, up where the wing meets the body, below the scuttle. I'll try and get a pic of it later on tonight to explain further.

Are the wings easy enough to remove? I know they're mainly bolted on, but I thought they were spot welded in a few places?

If I could get the time and indoor workspace, I wouldn't mind taking them off and doing what you did, I do want to preserve them long term. The wax oil underseal you used, what brand was it, and is this the same as the OEM anti-chip stuff?

Sorry for all the questions!


Hi Ciaran

There are two or three bolts at the back of the wing accessible with the door open, the row of bolts along the top that are visible with the bonnet open, and on mine there was a clip that held the wing in place at its rear lowermost edge (behind where the mudguard would be, but i think it was originally a spot weld, i would think there was a couple more bolts at the front that can be seen when the front grill and sidelights are removed but i don't remember having any real struggles with it at all, apart from trying to get the ageing plastic mouldings off from the sides of the scuttle trim.
I'm not sure what brand of anti chip/ underseal, but i will check later

The wing on mine was only clipped on at the bottom ,no sign of a spot weld.
I think I had to undo a bolt that I accessed through a grommet hole in the arch liner at bumper level. No spot welds though.
Cheers, Carl
That makes perfect sense, i didn't think they would bolt and weld, i do like bolted on panels though, makes life that little bit easier biggrin.gif
The stuff i used was Hammerite underseal by the way, and 3 coats of it.
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