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Afternoon gentlemen,

Want a bit of a laugh?

Well, being the Stephen Hawking rivaling genius that I am, I've managed to shear off not one, but two wheel bolts on the front driver's side wheel of the S2. wacko.gif wacko.gif laugh.gif
Of course with the wheel removed, the broken bit of the stud is perfectly flush, or lower than the the hub surface, so that rules out getting mole grips or similar on them...

I'm really not liking the prospect of having to remove the whole shooting match to get them out, so does anyone know of an alternate way? I'm loathe to start drilling it for fear of ruining the threads. Are there any tools etc that will dig into the remaining stud and allow it to be screwed out?

I'm going to goto 'frauds and buy a torque wrench to avoid any future mishaps methinks...


(As if I hadn't enough jobs to do on it without making more! ph34r.gif)
Hi Ciaran

Must remember not to take you on at arm wrestling !!! As the stud tensions against the rim rather than the flange, once broken it should come out without too much grief. You can buy proprietary stud extractors. There's enough meat to let you drill into the centre of the stud without damaging the thread and then carefully insert the extractor, which has a LH thread and start tightening it. Hopefully the broken bit will back out. If you want to try a really lazy way and you've got a clean and fairly flat surface and a stick welder, just attach the end of the thickest rod you can reasonably target on the stud and that should do. Welded handle plus some heat to ease things along. Good luck.


Thanks Mike, I hadn't thought about the fact that the rim holds the tension and the stud part should be relatively free. Luckily at least one of them was well greased when it went in, so shouldn't be too bad to remove.

The other, was done months ago, and I plain forgot about it until I removed the wheel again last week to do the brake pads. I wasn't too worried when the wheel was held on with four bolts, but now its down to three, I'm a tad nervous.

I went to go and look for one of those stud extractors this afternoon, but the traffic was mad for some reason, so didn't get to the shop before it shut, and ended up taking my daughter to McDonalds instead... where incidentially after the S1 sank it fit right in with all the chav mobiles and their lowered suspension... got stared at a lot too, it was quite amusing.

Anyway, cheers for the advice. I'll have to try the extraction method first, I don't have a welder, but I'm sure I can get access to one, but hopefully it won't have to go that far.

Will report back progress when there is any smile.gif


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