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Hi all, anyone here replaced the wishbone bushes before ? Yes... go on, give us a clue... what's the best way to remove the "piggy back" bushes that are pressed into the arm ? the single bush at the other end will surrender to the tender mercies of my angle grinder wink.gif

Thanks, Colin.P
Oxy torch. Burn the little buggers out! mad.gif It's a shite of a job and the metal collars are in there tight. A friend brought an oxy set to my place and generous heat was applied until the rubber caught fire - off the car OF COURSE! After that and with dextrous use of a "suitable drift" and hammer and wearing welder's gloves the collars were tapped out.

I managed to get one bush pressed back in before the arm cooled too much but the second required additional effort.
Thanks Craig, i sort of figured that a degree of violence would be the only way blink.gif

Cheers Colin.P
They are not a particularly tight fit. I took mine out a few weeks ago by driving a small chisel between the flange of the bush and the arm. Do this all the way round and then start driving it away from the arm. It will move reasonably easily. I found it easier to take the opposite one out the same way despite the fact that you can then drive it out from behind. It didn't want to shift trying that.
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