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As many XMers, I had a squeaky rear door latch on my S1, which didn't cure with tightening of bolts or cleaning and greasing.

I bought one off ebay, belonging to a rear door S2 car. I had noticed the shape was slightly different -more curved-. In a few words, it's now fitted, works well, but falls on the way of the rear window when door is closed....So can only put window down about halfway.

I wonder how is this possible, does it mean they also redesigned the electric window mechanism on the S2 so as the window's path is slightly different? Didn't they have other things to do?

George mad.gif
Hi George

Sorry to take a while to put up a reply. My internet died for a day.

I think you have been supplied a front door stay not a back one. All my series 2's have curved stays on the front and straight ones on the back doors. If you confirm this and need a straight one then I can find one and post it to you.


As I have only ever replaced front door stays, I had wondered why they have "front door" imprinted on them. Thanks for the tip.
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