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Item number 200148347177
I just wondered if anyone had bought one of these and if they are any good. They sound wonderfulbut maybe too good to be true. Appreciate any feedback.

The reason I'm interested is because of intermittent problems on the rear suspension of my XM. It can be fine for weeks/months the all of a sudden it firms right up. Two or three drives later it goes back to normal. I think it triggers it off if I hit a bump. I've bled the system but still the same.

By the way Noz, thanks for the tip on my 'knock' Replaced the drop link bars and its fine
Hi Jackyboy,

This item is sold by one of our esteemed forum members, namely Roy Mackay.

If the problem is with your electrovalve diodes then this kit will fix it. Roy has put a lot of time, research and effort into his product and I would highly recommend it, I doubt he makes any money selling them, probably just covers his costs. As an electrical engineer myself I would fix the problem by fitting diodes within the suspension ecu but unless you know one end of a soldering iron from the other Roy's kit is the way to go. I understand the instructions supplied are excellent.

John smile.gif
Hi Jackyboy.

I've had one of Roy's kits -- in my case it was a precaution, as it all seems to work on mine and I'd like to keep it that way ! A true gentleman to deal with; an excellently presented item with crystal clear instructions and lightning fast delivery. Couldn't ask for more.

I've PM'ed Jackyboy some details of what causes the problem and how fitting the diodes (using my kit or otherwise) resolves it - if anyone else needs that or would like it posted - please let me know.

His symptoms however are interesting - the sudden jolt bringing on the problem. It's likely that the fault in general is caused by poor assembly / manufacture of the electrovalve rather than failure of the diode itself. Although it's undoubtedly the diode circuit that fails - I believe it's the circuit rather than the diode itself that causes the problem in the vast majority of cases. This goes some way to explain the erratic behaviour that's quite commonly reported.

If anyone has a dead HII electrovalve they'd like to donate for post mortem investigation - or have already been able to confirm this - please let me know.

My previous 1995 XM, which I drove from new for almost 9 years, developed the infamous suspicious suspension idiosyncrasies. Intermittent, gradually increasing in frequency, dependent on temperature as well it seemed. The dealer did not know how to deal with it. I replaced the suspension ECU, then transistors inside the ECU. All to no avail. These problems, compounded with some other nasty experiences I had with e.g. a failing speed sensor, burned fuse box, total failure of Dirave steering rack, failing airconditioner compressor, poor Citroen support, drove me to dump the car which had only 45,000 km on the odometer. Bought a new hybrid vehicle of a well-known brand, but had to return to XM. Sounds crazy, doesn't it?
Anyway, if I had known about the easy diode solution in 2004 I would have kept the XM then. But the hybrid experience was educative and I now have a better XM with Roy's magic box installed as a precaution. I recommend him highly.
biggrin.gif I have just fitted all new spheres and then one of Roy's magic box's and believe me it works well, like driving a new XM.
What do need this last two days though is a set of Glowplugs and instuctions on how to locate the relay for them on a 1996 2.1 XM. Thanks in advance for any help. Bob
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