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Which version of the haynes manual is best for the series 1.5 XM's?

The later one seems to cover both S1 and 2 fairly well, the only place where it really falls down is the interior trim section, which is almost exclusively S2 I think.

Also it does the S2 suspension etc, while not vastly different, there are still some changes. Didn't 1.5 get the H4 (S2) suspension ECU?

I'm mostly interested in the 1993 2.0 ct series 1... i've found a blue haynes manual on ebay for 99p. And I do think your right regarding the suspension ecu being h4, although i'm not too sure.
Hi All

Having compared the 2 Haynes XM manuals I have yet to find any significant difference other than the title of the later one going up to X reg instead of mid way through the Mk2 production. There does not seem to be any content revision so either version will do. Whether it answers the queries adequately is another matter as in the case of XM's Haynes is not a perfect reference to say the least.


I find the "Peter Russek" manual to be much more useful despite its' smaller size, hand drawn images and the charming way that the glueing along the spine lets go of all the pages wacko.gif
I use both books to complement each other.

Aye Colin my S1 came with a Peter Russek manual, and it was my first experience of one. I must say I too find its compact size and diagrams etc useful. I've not yet used it (I keep forgetting I have it, and reaching for the Haynes), but will do one day I suspect!


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