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A silly query. The third, small centre sun visor. Should the hinge be at the front so that it opens down and forward; or hinge at the rear so that it opens down and backward?
I find it is easier to drop it if it is hinged towards the back of the car. I know this is opposite to the side visors, but it is too fiddley to have it hinged at the front, and you need to drop it in a hurry sometimes when you go round a bend and find that the sun is coming exactly from that direction.
Depends on if its an S1 or S2! yes they swapped it round so it seems. My s1 has it hinged at the front, the S2 hinged at the rear

Thanks for that, Techmanagain and Zaphod.

Reason I asked was that I had cause to remove the one on the 2.0 turbo estate, after I'd put it back I checked with the V6 and found I'd put it back the opposite way round, opening towards the front. I then found it gave much better protection in the "wrong" position so I promptly reversed the V6's. This means I can dispense with the stickers (Brittania Rescue etc) that I'd stuck on the screen to shield the gaps where the sun came through.

I agree it's more difficult to lower, but mine tend to stay down permanently.

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