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Over the past month or so I have become aware of a vibration from the sunroof panel at tickover. Today when I got to work and parked up I left the sunroof on tilt because it was very hot in the sun. As I got out of the car I happened to glance through the gap at the rear of the sunroof and noticed a long rubber seal that had partly detached itself along the back edge of the aperture and was hanging on the sliding plastic panel. That must be the vibration.

It looks as if this seal was a sticky press fit originally as it doesn't appear to clip over anything. I can restick it down if I can get to it. It's not visible from in the car so is it possible to release the rear part of the sunroof glass to get access from above?
Are you sure that the hanging rubber is not the rear of the piece which is fitted to the glass panel? If so, a small dose of superglue should fix it if it is dry. But don't let it drip onto the upholstery on the seats - you won't shift it!
Hi Demag

if its the seal i think it is, i just stuck mine back down with super glue, Mine hadn't come off but both ends were lifted, didn't take the glass out though, i was too lazy, just wiped the glue on and held it in place for a few minutes with a stick.
Thanks Dean I'll try it.

How much was the stick from Citroen? rolleyes.gif
They no longer stock it biggrin.gif
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