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Hello readers

With autumn fast approaching and overnight temperatures falling, an intermittent annoying fault has re-appeared.

On first starting there is a whirring/grinding/screeching dry bearing type of noise coming from (apparently) the overhead console area. This horrible noise persists for the first mile or so then disappears. Operating the sunroof or heater blower has no effect on the noise.

Q1 What component is there in the console which could make this noise?

Q2 How do I fix it? Is it simply a matter of a judicious squirt of WD40 in the right direction?

Regards, Ken Hall
Hi Ken Hall

Sounds like the air temp sensor, it has a very small fan which blows the cabin air over the sensor and this fan can get noisy. Try removing the consul and cleaning it out, they can gather fluff and crud, not sure what WD40 would do to the sensor though.

If you can't be bothered dismantling it, a good shot of compressed air from a can may dislodge the crap enough to quieten the fan down a bit, I do this with computer fans sometimes.

Its really not a big job to take it apart though.

I actually left the semi noisy one alone in my S2, I found it kind of comforting! laugh.gif(oh and the audible change in the fan note meant I knew when the glowplugs had finished, as I didn't have a light for them at the time....)

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