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Hi Folks,
have found a small rocker switch just in front of the suspension slide/switch on my SII Exclusive. It has two markings on it which are like the sidelight logo on the lighting stalk. No mention in handbook, no idea what it does, can anyone enlighten me?
Thanks Rod.

You may have one of the rare ex-MI5 covert XM's.

That's probably the ejector seat switch, go carefully. ph34r.gif
Strange, my S1 also has a fog light switch in the blanking slot in front of the sport mode switch. I've checked though, and theres no wires going to it, so I presume it was for something the previous owner had connected at some point....

Hi all, thanks to those who have had a look.
I can add that the culprit looks to be factory fitted in a space that is provided in manufacture, the wooden trim is shaped to go round the mounting hole and the switch appears to be Citroen in general design, appearance and material; but is a small rectangular rocker with an identical function logo on each half.
On closer inspection the logos have pointed triangular lines radiating from the round centre. Representing an explosion perhaps? Suggesting some sort of airbag connection maybe?
Sorry, bigjohnh, no MI5 history but the car was registered by Citroen,Slough to coincide with the SII launch. (Aug. 1 1994) Fully loaded press car perhaps or just some PSA fat-cat who commanded the best equipped company car they could offer?
Keep your eyes peeled guys, sorry no prizes, but would love the mystery solved.
Cheers, Rod.
Any chance of a picture? cool.gif
Not sure whether this has worked, but if my technophobia has been overcome successfully, I hope a pic will help. Rod.

For what it's worth that space is occupied by the cruise control on/off switch on my one. That's a push button though.

Hmm. Never seen this before. I'm just guessing, but could it be a variant of the snow-flake switch found on the latest range of XM models? Switch it on and the car starts in 2nd gear for driving in snow. But that's on auto transmission models . . . and that's what you've got smile.gif
From the icon on the switch it looks like its for firing the front phasers... not seen on many cars, only the exclusives got them tongue.gif laugh.gif

In all seriousness though, it looks like a sphere surrounded by shockwaves or something... I wonder if its suspension related. You could try lifting the trim and see if tis wired to anything. I've only ever seen a blanking slot there on manual cars, and the snowflake on some autos. My S1 has a foglight switch in that space for some reason, but as I said it wasn't connected to anything, and was obviously something the previous owner had done...

Be careful with lifting the trim. It's very fragile.
XM v6 sadist

I think that this may have been where the Citroen Centre retro fitted aircon. Has yours got aircon?



Mmmmm interesting. have just raised the trim etc and wiring isn't from the factory. It's a rocker on/off/on switch, but only one side is used. one wire comes from the forward (dash ) area and the other goes under the rearward switches and is Scotchlocked into a green wire which I couldn't trace from a quick look.
This car has been through Paul Johnson's hands in the past so it could be their work, but the car is an Exclusive with factory climate control.
Don't know whether it's related, but there is also a green warning light which has been fitted into the sidewall of the square oddments tray behind the gearstick. Bit strange!!
Please don't concern yourselves too much chaps, now that we know it's an afterthought. It can wait till I return from a sojourn abroad for further investigation, along with a few other "gremlins".
Thanks to all who took the trouble to help.
Hi All

Sounds like an aftermarket alarm switch to me from the description. Cant see what it looks like as I just got text when trying to look at the picture. Have used this switch space myself a long while ago on a Mk1 TD that had glow plug relay problems, cant remember what switch I used but it was an original XM one and it allowed me to operate the glow plugs manually. I found it was not an easy switch to see/use from the drivers seat as the gear lever obscured it.


Cant see what it looks like as I just got text when trying to look at the picture

It's a zip file. You need to save it to your PC (desktop) and then unzip it smile.gif
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