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Morning folks.

Not a problem this, just something I've always wondered about. What colour is the Citroen logo on the steering wheel of other's S1 cars?

Mine is red, and I thought they were all like this, but I've since spotted a few in pictures and videos which have a black one!
I'm wondering, is there any particular reason for this (petrol / diesel perhaps), or does it just depend which particular colour they felt like using on the day....

I love finding wee things like this about these cars, keeps it interesting biggrin.gif


Hi Ciaran,

My original steering wheel with 2 spokes (series1.5) has a black badge, I have fitted an earlier 1 spoke wheel which I am led to believe came from an early 3.0 VSX which also has a black badge.



strange one this, ive seen many various black and red with no apparent order to which has the red or black badge. My S1 SED 1990 car had single spoke but black badge, my S1 24v 1991 car had red badge, and my S1.5 has twin spoke and black badge.....

The quest continues..

Hi Gents

My Prestige has a 2 spoke wheel as well and a black badge, But my donor xm ( 2.0i) of the same year Has a very basic interior, and that has a red badge?!?!?
Haha laugh.gif

Really does seem to be a case of what colour was in the parts bin on a particular day then!

Never having had a black one, I can't decide which I like the look of better...

Hi Ciaran,

Both my S1's with single spoke wheels have black ones, but the very large format (LP size) brochure I have that came with the V6 shows red ones.

Hi Ciaran

I prefer black, but then i have black carpets, roof lining, dash, leather, door cards...........Needless to say, its very black!
The car with the red badge is all grey interior, with little flecks of red and blue in the seats and door cards.
Also my old BX DTR had a red badge, and the old G reg XM si i had was red, but my grandads 92 BX van which is Irish, had a black one.

Ken newbold
Mine's black. But they're the same badge as the BX and some of them seem to be red, while others are black wacko.gif
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