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I'm wondering if it's possible to swap dashboards... is it possible to swap a series 1 dashboard to a series 2 car?

A degree in electronics might be worthwhile first. I reckon there would be little chance of there being much compatibility of the electrical systems and connections between the two. ph34r.gif
Actually I dounbt its that hard, although I would start with a spare SII dash loom. And yes I am thinking much the same, Ditch the SII mondeo dash for the proper XM one

Given the speedo unit is in the same place, it is also hightly unlikely the siwtch gear is any diffrantly from an electronic pint of view, however there is an almost 100% chance the plugs are different so all that really needs to be done is te switch gear wires need the S1 plugs putting on, the LCD parts occupy much teh same poitions in teh dash so they can be left alone, as can the indicators, and lighting and wipers hors etc.

So all that needs to be done is for the switched taht sit on teh dash to have their cables lengthed/shortened as needed as the S1 switch plugs putting on to the SII dash wring. The heater only needs the S1 fiacia an knobs fitting. Should not be hard at all, but defiantly time consuming!

Hi Dien & Zaphod

You are right that mechanically it is possible to swap Dashes between Mk1 and Mk2 body shells. The body shell is the same and dashes were both put in as one piece on a robot arm and the wiring plugged in. I cannot remember if the connectors are the same but with Mk2 dashes there are wiring variations dependant on model. I do not think it is impossible just a horrendous slog sorting, matching and bodging the individual function wires then dealing with the few incompatible functions.
If you do the swap then to make the car look right you will have to fit Mk1 front door trim panels (Mk2 rounded, Mk1 Angular) mixed they do not look right.


Which begs the question... do the door trims fit differently? Or can you just take the s2 one off and plop the s1 one on?
Hi Deian

Yes Mk1 & Mk2 door trim are interchangable without any mods.


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