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Full Version Same Paint Code, Three Different Tints ?

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Hi all,

I have tried and failed to buy an XM S2 O/S wing in Magenta.

Willie Johnston has been very helpful offering to paint a wing in the correct colour.

Apparently the Magenta colour is all the same paint code but with three different tints to the colour - how is it possible to match this colour during the paint process ?



This is quite normal in car paint procedures. Many Years ago I used to paint Range Rover roof panels after they had external air con units fitted. These vehicles came straight from the factory and they couldn't guarantee that the same roof panel went back on the same vehicle. Well you had to see the difference in the "same" colours to believe it. We had to have paint individually matched for each roof panel.

We had senior management arrive from Range Rover wanting to know why the tints were all different. Of course they rejected out of hand the fact that their original colours were out huh.gif

The easiest and most reliable way to get it matched is to use the petrol/diesel filler flap and have the paint matched to that.
Brilliant, thanks for that.

As i'm learning more about paint I think it would be unwise to take panels from other cars and out them on mine.

I take it a professional painter would do the best job if he has the whole car and is able to match accordingly ?
Modern paint matching techniques are light years ahead of what I used to deal with and most professional painters will get the match as near as dammit perfect these days. You will be pushed to see any difference at all.

If you can do without the car for a day or so then that would be great but they should be able to match perfectly to the filler flap if you want to keep driving.
OK thanks.

I have stopped thinking I can use "magenta"panels from older "G" and "H" reg cars and they will be a perfect match !


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