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Full Version 2.0i Owners - Whats Your Exhaust Smoke Like?

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Good afternoon folks.

Probably a bit of a 'worrying about nothing' one this, but I thought I'd ask none the less, as I'm curious. And Annoying.

Anyway, does anyone's 2.0i smoke a bit. I'm not talking blue oily smoke, or clouds of headgasket style steam, or anything like that.
I've noticed, that even on a warmish day, with the outside temp at like 15-20c, that I can see a small puff of light coloured smoke coming from the exhaust when the car is idling. It smells slightly petroly (as you would expect!)
However I don't think the engine is running rich or anything, as it will do average 30-35ish MPG, which I believe is good for that engine, it starts and runs well, and there are no ECU lights or anything on.

I would expect a petrol to display some visible smoke on a cold winter day for instance, but not in temperatures like this?
I don't think there are any head issues. The engines done 90k, the cooling system seems good, the oil filler cap and dipstick are clean as a whistle.

So, am I just worrying about nothing, does everyones do this?



Hi Ciarian

I Think what you may be referring to is a little steam from hot moist air leaving the exhaust system, mine does this and the head and block are good with a new head gasket too. Don't panic all is well cool.gif .
Either that or we are both in the s**t unsure.gif
I'll tell you both when mine goes in for its MOT test on thursday with it's emmision test.

I'm not sure about wear on the actual engine as it's never wanted for oil changes and has
spent all its days on the motorway, though it leaks rather than burns oil through it's crank
seal. Does anyone know how to check/tweak the injection to improve any emmisions issues?

I guess my 2.0i is heavier on fuel at th mo which wont help matters!!
The only key suspect I'm thinking about is the supplementary air valve.

Hi Ciaran.

If your normal daily drive is short and the machine barely gets to temperature, water(product of combustion) will accumulate in the exhaust. As and when the system then gets hot , it will evaporate off. If that is your pattern, it's not a bad idea to drill a small (2 - 3 mm) hole at the lowest point of the back two boxes to let condensate run away. You won't hear any difference and if you have an eagle eyed MOT man, you can always pop a blanking screw in for the test. I have in the past had one or two aftermarket boxes that have come from the maker with such drain holes.

Hi Ciaran,

Haven't noticed any smoke as such - only a little condensation when it is warming up. Mine has taken to leaking a little oil though which is annoying. Forgive the question but what/where is a supplementary air valve?

Hi guys,

Well, the steam diagnosis makes sense. My daily journey into work is about 9 miles, mixture of dual carraigeway, motorway, and heavy traffic, taking up to 30 mins sometimes, so it does get a chance to warm up on that at least.
There are a few other regular journeys that it does which are shorter. About 3.5 miles to my parent's house, would do that 4 or 5 times a week, but in the main I try and do a bit of distance as I was always wary about rotting the exhaust.

Come to think of it, I've only ever checked the exhaust smoke after a shortish journey, I'll take a look tonight when I get home from work and see how it is then. The drainage hole is sounding like a good idea. The car had a new exhaust just before I got it too, so would be nice to keep it in good nick.


QUOTE (kiwi @ Jul 24 2007, 11:31 AM)
Hi Ciaran,

Haven't noticed any smoke as such - only a little condensation when it is warming up.  Mine has taken to leaking a little oil though which is annoying.  Forgive the question but what/where is a supplementary air valve?


user posted image

You'll only have this if the system is the later type - the earlier one has a large metal airflow
meter box on the top of the engine near the LHM reservoir; this one lives beside the
battery tray. It has a large central piston inside the main body which is elecrically opened/
closed to alter the running mix - bit like an old stromberg carb.

You can disconnect it and wash it through with petrol and then dry/jet it with a compressed
air line to improve it's contribution to the smooth/efficient running of the car. I had one once
that would only allow the car to run on start up until it had a firm tap on it's main body with
the end of a screw driver handle!!

Cheers, thanks - have just had a look under the bonnet and mine is the type in the picture. Do these normally need servicing? I assume that if this thing is faulty it will cause the engine to run rich? I've just come back from a 900 mile trip and the car seemed a little thirstier than normal.

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