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Full Version Spurious (i Hope!) Coolant Level Warning S2

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On starting approx 1715 today I got a Low Coolant beep just after starting. This is on my new(er) VSX Turbo CT. Turned off, checked coolant level, seemed OK< started again, no recurrence.

Just one of those things? It is a lot warmer and sunny today compared to recently.
Or something more serious?
I take it you let it cool before checking level. Obviously the coolant expands as it heats so a low level when cold will look okay when warm.
Hi Tim
Buy a new header tank cap, as coolant might be leaving from there when hot, it's only about £10 from Citro. Mine was loosing some water level constantly, it was the cap.

OK, except the car was cool when this happened (well, hadn't been started since the day before).
OK, started it up again (S2 car) to raise suspension before hoovering, got coolant level warning again. Checked level. looked OK, not obviously less than yesterday. Started again, still got warning.

Hoovered car. Tried again. Coolant warning again. Checked level, no change. Tried a few more times, eventually started without giving coolant warning. Up to temp very quickly, or so it seemed to me, I only tend to nitice such things when there is an issue.

If it happens tomorrow I'll top up coolant. The only real question I have now is whether to top it up with coolant or K-Seal.

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