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Hello again
First problem is the sunroof.It is on a Phase one estate.I think there is power to it as you can hear noises when you press both buttons...but nothing happens.When you view the sunroof from the outside one side appears to be too appears to have partly come out of the aperture...only by 1/2cm.
Can anybody help?Next problem(?)the rear suspension.I don't know exactly how high it should rise on the normal setting but it rises to within approx 1" of the top of the tyres,however when you put it on the highest setting the front rises up higher but the back won't go any higher than the normal setting.(Can I change the wheels still with it only on the normal setting?).The hydraulic fluid appears to high-the marker is not betwen the lines with it on the high setting-would bleeding some off help?Apologies for the questions from a very new XM owner.
Many thanks
The sunroof problem sounds like a broken cable, not a nice job unless you like taking the head lining out, but a specialist may be able to do it in situ. The rear suspension problem is probably due to the little metal clamp having fallen off the rear end of the height adjustment rod that is operated by the suspension height control lever and is therefore not actuating the rear height ajuster. If you want to check the height, look at the rear suspension arms, the should be about horizontal, if not, either the rear height compensator has siezed (a few applications of WD40 should free it) or it needs adjusting, you can do this by slackening the clamp around the anti roll bar and rotating it in the required direction.

David Hallworth
a few years ago i sent my xm in for an mot, and as it was a nice day, the guy who mot'd it took it for a test drive and tried to open the sunroof. As it had air con, i never used the sunroof. So when he tried to open the roof, the cables in the roof jammed, stripping all the gears in the sunroof motor!

I recently just dropped all the headlining down and dropped the roof assembly off, replaced it with one from a breaker, and all is well now.

It could be a broken cable or a jammed cable with stripped gears.

I know of an estate at the local breakers with a sunroof, i am based outside of Glasgow.


David Hallworth.

P.s. Removing the headlining isn't as badda job as people might think, putting it back in wasn't to bad either, just takes a while to remove all the fittings and refit them all once finished!
I agree with David, it is quite easy to take off the headlining etc. as the main thing holding it on (apart from the various fittings) is velcro.
I have a spare sunroof if you get desperate - I have a headlining also, but it is from a saloon. I would imagine the sunroof is the same though.

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