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Full Version 92 Estate Tailgate Struts

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I have the dilema whereby one of the gas struts has become detached at full extension (ever tried pushing one of these back in?- impossible!). This makes it extremely difficult to tell how they are supposed to come off as I have to hold the tailgate up and at the same time try and determine how they are attached.
At quick glance I can see a thin wire clip that must be extracted. This appears not to come out too easily.

Anyone know the knack to removing these clips? I have already destroyed one in my vain attempts at removal.

The clip is in the form of an 'L' shape. The bottom part of the 'L' is curved and fits snuggly around the neck of the spherical end to the strut. The upright part of the 'L' passes through a little hole in the spherical end, past the sphere which is attached to the car and out of a similar little hole at the other end of the spherical end. The middle part is what keeps the sphere attached to the car from popping out of the spherical cup on the strut.

To remove, firstly unclip the curved part of the 'L' and rotate the whole clip along the axis of the strut. The curved part of the clip should now be sitting in mid aair to the side of the strut. Rotate the clip backwards and forwards a few times to release any rust which may be keeping it in place. Next, take a pair of long nosed pliers and grab the clip close to the bottum of the upright part of the 'L'. Pull downwards (if your doing the upper connection , otherwise upwards) rotating back and forth as you do so. The clip should come out relatively easily and the the spherical cup on the end of the strut should just disengage from the sherical part fixed to the body (or tailgate) of the car.

Hope this helps.


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On a similar note, I am missing the clip itself on one bottom side of the strut of my Hatchback.
Where can you easily get a new clip (and perhaps a new strut as mine seems to be slightly bent)?

You'll get a new clip from Citroen for not much money. Have a look in any scrap yard for the strut. Nearly all cars use gas struts. Just look around for one the correct length.


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Thanks for the advise noz. My problem stemed from the fact that the upper ball joint on the car body had worn away due to rust, leaving the strut to pop out - ripping some wiring to the rear wiper in the process. The problem is compounded by the fact that the ball joint is welded to the rear of the car. Not easy to replace.

Take a tip from me before it's too late. Get your struts off and get some grease in there.

Incidently, went to my local citroen dealer for the replacement clips. Guess what? They are not available as a sepperate item. Anyone got some tailgate clips for sale?
Hello M8
If my memory is right the ones off a BX are the same ones ??
Don`t hold me to that but have a look at one more than one or two in scrappy

If not there was someone selling bits on ebay maybe able to help you out
Sorry can`t remember who it was but worth a look see if he still selling

Good luck

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