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David Hallworth
Just been up and started my 24v XM (it sits off the road in my shed). All was great, started at the flick of a key after sitting for about six months, turning over lovely, nice and smooth, then when it had warmed through, started to give it some revs turning the "wee thing that makes it rev on the engine" (not sure what its called, excuse the terminology), and noticed that when it got to about 4000rpm, and upwards, there was some water that came out of the top of the reservoir. Checked that the lid was on ok, and it was, took it off, replaced it, and revved it again, and it did the same thing. Sounds a bit to me like its pressurising the water system, which suggests cylinder head gasket, just wondered if any of you guys out there had any different thoughts. Let me know. Thanks.
David Hallworth

I'd let it run a couple of times up to temperature before jumping to rash (and expensive) conclusions. The head may have crept a bit when it was lying but more likely the gasket dried out in the vicinity of the water jacket. Let it settle for a while and restart.

You never know, maybe a couple of heat cool cycles will seal it up.


noz cool.gif
David Hallworth
Yea, hopefully, it just didn't make me feel to happy when i saw water spurting out of the reservoir. Might drain the coolant and refil it, looked a bit brown, a change of oil might help too, see if theres any water in the oil. I've got my heart set on putting it back on the road, but doing the head gasket on one of them is way more then what i would want to do! Sending it in would cost a fortune too i bet!

Thanks for you advice Noz, will start it a few more times and let it cool down. A cycle a day for a week or so might tell eh?
Any progressions with your CD for the Series 1 yet?
Many Thanks
David Hallworth.
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