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To date, faults discovered and repaired on my 2.5 TD VSX:

Both radiators new
new Timing belt
One new piston
New piston ring set
Complete gasket set including head gasket
New big ends
3 new hydraulic tappets
set of new injector nozzles
set of new glow plugs
new battery
1 new rear suspension strut
All spheres recharged (by myself)
Front suspension strut top mountings ( and 2 new tyres ruined by the mounting failure)
new front offside wheel bearing
Glow plug relay corroded and repaired
numerous steel hydraulic pipes changed to Cupronickel
3 electric window winder mechanisms reaired (new braided cable)
Rear swinging arm bearing (both sides)
both rear sections of the exhaust renewed
new front offside ABS sensor
new brake pads all round
4 new tyres
various bulbs
central locking problems
water leak at heater matrix
sticking brake pedal linkage to master cylinder
siezed window wiper pivots
electrical door mirror heater failure
heated windscreen washer nozzle heaters failure
drivers seat electric height adjuster switch failure
Electric blower fan motor brushes failure
turbo boost linkage seizure
diesel injection pump timing and cam incorrectly set
injection pump cut-off solenoid failure
headlight repair
sunroof motor intermittent failure
water leak into boot

I've had the car just over a year. But wouldn't change it for anything in the world (apart from a new 2.5TD VSX that is !)

If anyone else has any of the above problems, let me know and I'll share the experience !


noz 8)
Guys, heeeeelp

I’m in possession of Xm 2.5 TD manufactured in ’97.
Car is in good condition, both mechanical and electrical – for now except one thing: on highway I can’t make it more that 150-160 km/h???
In town driving is fine, engine sounds good, no strange sounds, fuel consumption is good – nothing – and still, on the open road – well, that’s my top speed.

Any hints?

Peter N

No wonder you know so much about XMs! I thought I had my fair share of problems but nothing compared with yours. I am on my fourth 2.1 TD estate now and have covered something like 150k miles. The one I have just sold had covered not far short of 300k, with, as far as I know the original engine and box. I changed it because the clutch was slipping and it was a bit smokey when cold.

Never had a problem with the windows (until I bought this one) although the sun roof didn't work on the last one. The first one was only about 3 years old and suffered mostly from electrical problems, in fact I had to by-pass part of the loom because it kept going intermittently s/c and blowing fuses. the second problem was failure of the pipe from the hydraulic pump to the regulator, this I eventually found was due to a duff accumulator sphere, but I cured it anyway by silver soldering an olive on to the end of the pipe. (this pipe is much easier to get to on the Mk2). And the clutch cable went......

The second one suffered oil in the water, which a new head gasket failed to cure and , yes I did try disconnecting the oil cooler! also heater matrix failure. I did have to replace a wheel bearing on one of them but I dont rember which.

The third one, which was my first Mk2 was the cheapest and most reliable of the three. It had been a taxi but very well maintained. It read 244k when I bought it and in 48k miles only let me down twice. The first time the crankshaft pully fell apart due to failure of the rubber insert, the second time drive was lost due to the o/s driveshaft centre bearing breaking up and allowing the shaft to slide out of the gearbox (I wondered what the funny vibration was). The only other problems I recall were failure of the heater blower motor, and most of the wiring between the tailgate and body, but at that mileage I considered that acceptable. Oh yes, and the external temperature sensor.

The one I have now has done 114k and the engine sounds beautifull and the sunroof works! It has several electrical problems but none serious, and that wretched window!

Failure of the drivers door lock seems to be common, but of course you only notice it if the remote doesn't work. While awaiting a new key fob I swapped the o/s and n/s locks over and now have full central locking.

Well, I hope this information is useful to someone.

Ah, the joys of XMs ...
But Noz just think how much you have learned in a year! And - look at it this way - no new engine, no new box, no terminal rust, no front collison, no Mr. Plod at your back door ('cos he can't catch you) ... I could go on and on.
Try what happened to our 2.0 16v estate: bombing down the dual carriageway from Airdrie to Cumbernauld, no brakes. Well, back brakes which means, on our cars, NO brakes. Army training comes in useful, change down repeatedly, to 1st., engine howls like a banshee but I get it home in one piece. Try to bleed front brakes, nothing. Bleed doseur, OK; bleed ABS, OK; bleed back brakes, OK. Conclude that the Hydrorincage I put in before had dumped crud in front brake lines, correct. Replace front brake lines et voila - car stops on a 5p piece.
Total cost of repairs, about £15.00 plus cost of new underpants plus purpurea senilia bruises all over hands and forearms.
What's your estimate of the total cost of your repairs on the 2.5?
FWIW Ill put up a bit of my XM costs

1990 i
Cost Nil (Had been sitting in long grass for two or three years)
Repairs £100
MOT, wiper blade, strut return pipe, tyre.
Sold £500
Miles covered 20

1993 Si Estate
Cost nil (Insurane write off first time I drove it, Other drivers Ins Co gave me cash plus car)
Repairs £300
Tyres, crash repairs, spheres,rear pipe
Broke and sold on ebay £800
Miles covered 40K

1995 2.1td VSX
Cost £2100
Repairs probably £1000
SH Gearbox, clutch, tyres, spheres, rad, abs sensor, parking brake cables, pads, sh starter, battery *2,
Now back on the road and worth ...Similar on ebay £630 but I would say £1500
Miles covered 40K

1994 2.5td VSX
Cost £1100
Repairs £200
Drop links, Matrix, new locks,
Worth Say £1750 - £2000. Up for sale
Miles covered 5K

Bought from a part time dealer who didnt know what he had got!!! Previous owner had spent £2.5K on recon lump plus other bits before chopping it in on a brand new car a month later.

So after about 6 years of XMs I would say Im still just about even.

Who said these were expensive cars to own?

Night night

Mark biggrin.gif
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