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My 2.0 turbo has been in rude health until yesterday when it just 'cut out'.

The engine just stopped without so much as a cough or splutter. I was in queuing traffic and luckily was pointing downhill and managed to roll into a parking space.

The RAC were their usual efficient selves, no really they are brilliant. The patrolman had a host of lovely toys to test stuff.

The symptoms are that the engine cranks over fine and even 'catches', once the starter is released it then just stops. The RAC diagnosed that the spark was OK and the fuel injectors were firing with the starter running but as soon as it caught no injection. Suffice to say I had to be recovered.

Luckily (or less unluckily) I happened to be in Folkestone and gave Marsh Citroen a call. They agreed to take the car in and I await their verdict. Hopefully it will be a sensor or something equally trivial but impossible to fix at the roadside.

I will keep you posted.

The journey home was fun four up in my wife's Toyota AYGO with all our luggage up the M20 to London.

John wacko.gif
Hi John,

Sounds like lack of voltage to ecu.


noz cool.gif
Good point Noz,

The chap at Marsh Citroen said it could be a duff ignition switch which might have that effect.

Hi Bigjohn.

Clearly no fuel, if the spark is OK. Before you run up a big bill at a garage, try a direct 12v feed to the appropriate cable at the lift pump. I had exactly the same on a petrol I had and it was a feed problem to the pump. Never did find the basic cause, but an ignition switched wire to the pump did the trick.

Crank or cam sensor probably.

ECU fault code interrogation will normally diagnose a sudden stop problem quite easily.

Try not to get ripped off- sensors aren't expensive and the fault finding is easy.
Still waiting,

They are going to try a new (to this car) ECU but it all seems to be taking a veeerrryyyy looooonnnngggg time.

Just in case has anyone got an engine ECU for a series 1 or 1.5 2.0 turbo kicking around their garage which I could try if necessary?

And finally,

Got a call this evening, car is fixed, new fuel pump required, plenty of flow but no pressure, hence trouble diagnosing the fault. Thanks for the offer of help Xmexc, I am in Winchester next weekend so you might see the car around.

I will pick up the car tomorrow.

John biggrin.gif
A bit late response, but I recall last year I had a problem very similar to yours with a Mini. The fuel filter was clogged. Replacement was the instant cure smile.gif
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