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Full Version Oil Change - How Much?

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Couple of questions here for the experts!

This weekend is oil and filter change on my 2.0l petrol turbo. Haynes says 4.5litres - is this correct?

The oil gauge never works, why? The light comes on, the needle moves a few millimetres and thats it.

Finally the oil dipstick keeps being pushed up out of its tube by about quarter of an inch which makes me suspect that it is overfilled. But since reading the dipstick gives two completely different measurements depending on which side you look at (you know what I mean)!

Any hints

I would suggest that either like an oil level sender unit I had it needs cleaned either that or replaced. It sits at the back of the engine and if I remember correctly just pulls out. It may though also be pushed up like your dipstick.
Oil level sender is normally very reliable so can't offer any advice on that apart from pulling one from a scrapper then next time you're passing a yard and fitting whilst you're doing your next oil change.

Oil - 4 litres with a new filter.

I had the popping dipstick problem on my Activa - put a slightly better bend in your dipstick and it will stop it popping up. if that doesn't work you have excessive crankcase pressure so give your breathers a good clean out. They do get neglected and clogged up.
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