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im after a cambelt change does anyone know of a good specialist in leicester?

there a guy in burton overy, located on a farm! who seems helpful on the phone but ive not tried him
Hi citroenxantia,

From your login name can I guess that your request relates to a xantia and not an XM? If so, does the Xantia share its engine with any of the XM variants? I'm no where near Liecester so can't help I'm afraid. Have you considered doing it yourself with the assistance of club-xm members to assist?


noz cool.gif
hi thanks for the reply.

yes it is a xantia 1.8 16v, i don’t think they did the XM this engine, if they did it would barley move form a standstill!

My mech skills are not that good i can do filters, LHM change, discs pads, but not the belt.

The garage quote £140 for the whole belt kit fitted, which seems very good, most others are nearer £200+.

I came on his forum as maybe someone may have tried this (or another) garage for their XM or other cits. i don’t like to leave my car with a garage if i can avoid it, esp. crap ones sad.gif
Hi Citroenxantia,

I would say that 140 quid fitted is a bargain, maybe a bit too good. Does this include a water pump as this is usually behind the timing belt and is a no brainer if you are doing the belt anyway.

For things like timing belts I might even be tempted to go to a main dealer, shock horror, as it is that important. The Renault dealer wants 250 quid to do my 1.4 Kangoo and that's only 8 valve.


this excludes the WP, the car has only done 95k miles, the belt was last changed at 63k (5 yrs ago) with tensioners etc.

£140 is good, but then again he lives in the countryside, so no glass palaces to maintain. I want to try and avoid the stealers, i can’t see id have much change from £300, and i would like to buy a newer models in a couple of years so i don’t think its worth the extra expense, esp. if this guy is equally as good if not better then the main dealer (assuming they’ve seen a xantia in their before!)
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