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Full Version Rear Bumper Interchangeability

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Are there any differences S1 vs S2, diesel vs petrol etc?

I'm talking saloon here?

Also how easy a DIY job is it to swap them over?

Hi Dr Tim

I believe that the Mk1 and Mk2 saloon rear bumpers are interchangable/identical. That is the easy bit. There are 2 large bolts one each side fixing the front leading edges of the bumper in place. These can be reached from the inside of the car with a socket extension through holes just to the rear of the rear wheel arch. The interior side trim has a 40mm dia cover over the access hole. These bolt are often rusted solid and often break off or tear the small metal mounting plate away from the bumper or the mounting plate may be heavily rusted and just break up. Across the back of the bumper there are smaller screws/bolts to fix the top and bottom edges of the bumper to the car. You have to remove the body rear lights to get at 2 of these screws.

Best of luck

thanks for the info xmexec, I noticed one on ebay and my old one is a bit of a mess,
still trying to sort out the insurance on that one, liability has been admitted but I doubt a
new bumper will be economic, but maybe I keep it anyway. Have been driving it a little bit the last few weekends, still got some go in it but quite large cash donation (:-)) being required to sort out a few issues, to be honest about what I have spent on the new one so far!
Hi Dr Tim

Now that is a different proposition. With rear bumpers all the risks/problems are with the bumper fixings not the car. So the one from ebay can be checked out for condition/completeness before fitting it. If the old bumper is scrap then it does not matter that the main fixings on the bumper get damaged getting it off.


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