I have now got my 2.0i running on LPG. Although the full system is not yet fitted it does run on gas. First impressions are favorable but I have yet to run the tank dry to see what the range is. The vaporiser has not yet been setup but the engine ildes wella dn pulls very well though the gears and has not done anything out of the ordinary for the 140 miles it has done so far.

I have a toridial tank fitted in the spare wheel cage and I ahd to move the coil pack to get the vaporiser in. I also had to relocate the take offs for the idle control valve and the idle stabalisation valve (the electric one) For the time being the control side is mearly a switch on the injector emulators powered from an ABS overvolts realy from an XJ40 (this will then shut the system down should the engine stop as it only supplies power if the charging system is over 13v). I have a full closed loop controler to go in but I need to fit a lambda probe first. Once this has gone in I will have a tank guage!

It woudl be inertesting to see how the running costs compare to a deisel Inital calculations show it should be capable of 315 miles on £16.32 once it is fully setup! (I'd still prefer a V6 though!)

Best bit is this has all gone on with only one hole being drilled (in the tow bar for the LPG filler)