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Full Version Windscreen Wash Bottle Leak - How To Fix?

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If I fill up the (vast) washer bottles they are empty in about 1 week. I haven't done much hunting... anyone know if there's a likely place for a leak and if it's an easy fix?

(Also - which filler fills which tank? Does the left do the front washers and the right do the rear?)

Thanks if you can help!
The nearside one does the front and the offside does the headlamp washers.I presume the rear comes off the nearside one,but although my rear wiper works and the motor whirrs I have never got it to squirt anything!
My headlamp washers work but they leak at a joint(I think)somewhere in the front of the car,it is very noticeable and drains the tank quite quickly.
Regards Rob
Nearside , as you say, is for front and rear washers. Clean
out the rear jet and make sure you push down the cover at the base as this serves the purpose of both covering the screen-wiper hinge and is the seal and jet for the water supply to the rear screen.
I always thought the headlamp washers were a waste of time and water. No wonder they were omitted in the very latest models.
The leak may be anywhere, but likely at the rear screen base, if it isn't in the pipe from front to rear. It's strictly speaking an MOT failure point, I believe.
Hi All

When operated the headlamp washers raise up a little from the bumper. This is done with water pressure against a spring. The washer head does not always return fully but sticks on its way back down and unfortunately a full retun is needed to cut off the water feed to the jet. With the supply tank that much higher it has enough head to empty the tank without needing the pump to operate. A leak anywhere in the piping between the tank and washers has the same effect.
Is your boot/tailgate lining area dry? I have known the rear wiper feed pipe to drop off the feed nipple on the back of the wiper motor. There is 25mm of foam on the underside of the boot floor cover and this can suck up a tremendous amount of water without there being anything to notice because of the plastic top surface. I have also come across leaking washer tanks. The drivers side tank is for the headlamp washers only. The passenger side tank has 2 seperate pumps and plumbing to feed the front and rear screen washers. You do not want to know about getting at some of these bits to repair faults!


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