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I have been offered a '98 2.1 td auto estate with 108k miles. I don't particularly like auto's but manual 2.1s are getting a bit thin on the ground now. Can anyone tell me how long auto boxes last and what problems to look out for. If I buy this one, I will have for sale a '96 2.1 td manual estate which drives OK but needs a head gasket, if anyone is interested. Thanks

My Indy swears by 2.1s with auto boxes, he reckons this is the best combination in an XM and that the box will out last the engine.

It could be that the magic 120K miles only affects the petrols

Thanks Mark

My last manual 2.1 td did nearly 300k but if I could be reasonably sure I could get another 100k from the auto, I would be satisfied. I have read some horror stories about V6s with auto boxes. It seems that failure of the auto box is more or less a write off job and on an "R" reg car that's something I cant afford.

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