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Full Version Heater Matrix Again!

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Hello fellow mascocists (did i spell that or was there an h missing)
I just replaced my heater matrix again.
Its only lasted since the end of January this year did i do something wrong in there?
I am now driving with one eye on the water level again waiting to see what comes next.
The matrix appeared to have failed at the plastic to metal flange joint ,but i can not be sure unless i disassemble it ,this appears to be the same place as my first failiure back in January.
The guy in G.S.F. read a warning on his pc screen to me about the guarantee not being valid unless i used Citroen antifreeze and demin or deionised water (cant remeber which it was) something about corrosion shortening the life of parts.
He suggested i return the failed part for investigation,i would be interested to know why it failed in such a short time .
Anyone out there have any ideas .
best regards Bob
Hi Bob
I think it is masochist......I just looked it up on Google wordcheck...honestly!!! ph34r.gif Sorry to hear about your wobbly bumper doesn't seem so bad now now!Even if you didn't use the bits they deemed vital it can't have gone that quickly unless it was defective.
I hope you get it sorted.
Regards Rob
At least it's not leaking on your Xantia...

you don't really want to go there as the wholecar is built around it!

It's not unheard of for some Xm's to be on their 2nd, 3rd or even 4th!

I've seen the same scenario in my Xm 2.0i where the 'new' matrix
only lasted a few measly months. There must be a high failure rate
for GSF to telegraph this marning and actually include it in the box
with the new matrix so I'm not sure actually whether they are as
robust as we'd like to think. It's possible that sediment flowing
about in the cooling circuit has finally settled in the lowext point
= the matrix. Have you flushed the lot through so it's clear
everywhere through the water jacket too?

You don't have diesel compression escaping into the water jacket
do you!? wacko.gif

I have only replaced the heater matrix once - it was a genuine Citroen part.
rolleyes.gif I will find a large bottle of anti freeze and mix it with my favourite whisky and will not require a heater any more .
Its not leaking again yet.
Thanks for the replies everyone .
Best regards Bob cool.gif
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