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GSF say they dont have ANY nearside handbrake cables available
anywhere with them listed as being on 'back order'.

Is it possible to run a longer offside one instead of the correct shorter
length nearside cable? Will it actually 'gather up' more when the nearside
hub is turned onto maximum lock forcing it into the wheelarch so fouling/
promoting wear against the bodywork?

I admit I haven't tried Eurocar parts yet so I'm not even sure if there's
an agent/counter near me. Guess I could try Partco/Unipart - the're full of
surprises when I give up looking everywhere else.

I dread to even think what the main Cit agent price for a pair of
cables will be...

Anyone know a good mail order supplier/alternative with a pair of quality
cables at a fair price?

Hi Andrew,
I've just looked on Ebay and item no.4561729607 is on sale for buy it now at £9 inc postage for a left hand cable. There are a couple of others from AutopartsSurplus for a couple of quid more but don't specify left or right.
good luck Tony.
Sorry I have since realised that you run a V6 and the Ebay item no. for that , is 160086422953 and AutopartsSurplus want £12 inc postage.
regards Tony
Hi Tony - thanks for that! I usually check ebay first but didn't think of trying for the cables! rolleyes.gif

They're for a 2.5TD saloon actually...

When you get stuck like that, try M & C Lockwood at Bradford. (01274 640590)
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