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Can anyone help? My son, who is running my red XM has a lot more music than money and wants a CD player in the car, can anyone tell me what player is compatable with the Mk2 radios, Philips I believe, and if anybody has one. I have already had to change the radio as no code came with the one fitted!

Thank you in anticipation

Sorry I can't help what you're wanting as such but there's loads of cheap CD head units around that can handle MP3s which generally work better in a car enviroment. I'd expect to pay about £40 - £50 for such a unit. Still you wouldn't be able to use the steering wheel controls.

Hi Peter,

I'm unsure of the brand, but I recently saw a CD player in Halfrauds, for about £60, which also had a USB port.
Why, I hear you ask? Well, you can simply plug in your USB memory stick and it will play the music directly off that! Handy I thought, saves you lugging a ton of discs around.

My S1 came with a nice Kenwood (unsure of model, will check in morning), which takes CDs and can play MP3 and Windows Media files. The reason I've mentioned it, is that I'm reliably informed its one of the few head units capable of working with the steering wheel controls (obviously with the appropriate adapter), though I don't know if its S2 compatible....


/EDIT: Sorry, wrong end of stick alert! I didn't realise you were after the actual CD changer to interface with the existing stereo. I've seen a couple of them on fleabey (Phillips also I believe), but I'm told that as the architecture in them is quite old, they often have trouble with many CD-R discs, something to bear in mind if your son will be burning a lot of his stuff to disc.

Thanks Steve and Ciaran

Yes, he is really looking for something that will interface with the existing radio, as you say, so he can use the remote controls. I have a Kenwood radio/CD in mine with an adaptor to utilise the steering wheel controls, but I dont know if these are still available. He likes the standard fit radio and I must admit they do sound good, so he was hoping to find a compatable CD player. I hae seen several advertised but not with correct lead/plug.

For a Mk2 you want a Philips RC026 6 disc changer which are now sold as VDO CDC 026 rather than Philips. You can get either of E-bay. I got a brand new VDO for nearly the same money as people were paying for used Philips ones once you included the postage. I also noted that if you do a search then Sony say their CDX-T69 unit is also compatible.
Hi Peter

As well as the Phillips RC-026 the Clarion DC-628 and the Kenwood KDC-C465 all have the XM compatible 13 pin DIN plug and are reputed to work with the steering wheel buttons. I have seen a couple of Clarions at a local scrappy recently and they wanted £20 each. The big problem is the cables. These are difficult to source and expensive when found. The main cable has the 13 pin DIN on both ends and is used in both MK1 and Mk2 XM's. This is the long cable to reach a player in the boot so it is folded into a few loops in the centre console if the player goes under the front passenger seat. I have searched hard but have yet to find a source of the rather unusual DIN plugs to make up my own cables. On a Mk1 this is the only cable required but the car must have the later type of Clarion radio. On the Mk2 an extra 13 pin DIN to socket on back of Phillips radio cable is also needed. Neither of these cables were fitted to any XM's as standard at build unless a CD was also fitted. I have never yet found the cables on a scrap car.


Not sure about the S2 cars, but My S1.5 had the factory fit Clarion CD unit and it was fitted under the passenger seat, not in the boot. This might be why you have never seen the cable in a scrap car, if you were looking in the boot, its not there!

Thanks all for the info. I have looked on ebay but havn't seen the proper XM one although I believe the 405 one might be the same. And thanks for those numbers, Assich. I have found that the adapters for fitting a Kenwood are still available, but they only work with certain models. Having looked on ebay again I find that some of those models are for sale secondhand for less than the cost of the adaptor cables! So I will see which way he wants to go. Thanks again.

My S2 had a CD changer from new, that someone considerately took out before I got the car. I must check for the presence of the cable inside the dash....

The Philips RC026 doesn't take a 13 pin DIN it is an 8 pin. The RC026 was original fitment for the Mk2 along with a Philips head unit and sits under the passanger seat.
Hi Peter N.
I've just bought a JVC CD Player for my XM that is worked from the steering wheel through a special connector, total cost £129.00. Halfords had only one that could be fitted the same way at £140.00. I now have two XM Citroen radio/cassette players redundant. The older one came off an older XM and has all the works for the steering wheel control but wasn't fitted with the mute control. The latest one is coded and has all the fittings for the wheel control.
Hi Bob

Yes, I have a Kenwood in mine with the adapter lead, but I rather think he wants a multichanger. The spare original radio from mine is now in his, as his didn't have a code!


You can try here
I buy it here and work good.
I've acquired the VDO CDC 026 which does have the 8 Pin DIN connector for my MK 1.5 which has the 13 DIN Aux input on the back of Phillips Radio. Now I just need to figure out how to connect a 13 Pin plug to the cable which came with it. Currently it's wired to a big red plastic car radio style adaptor which must have pre-dated the 13 PIN cable. Anyone know the wiring or an easier way to convert it.

Looking around the cable that came with it is this one, so I need to get the Blue ISO connector converted to the 13 DIN to bring this to life.§ion=
Hi Paul

Had a quick look but cannot find my box of recovered CD leads.
I can remember one set that came from a Mk1 XM.
That had a 13 pin CD to square blue plug lead.
The blue plug was fitted into one end of the wide red socket on the radio lead.
I think I kept it all together for future reference.

Sorry not to be more help.
In the process of boxing up all non essential stuff ready for a possible house move.
So everything is slowly getting sorted through.
When I come across them I will post again.

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