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Full Version Temp Display/clock Series 1

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Can anybody give me the wiring details for the temp clock display? Mine is dead. I have checked fuses etc but would like to know which wires should be giving a voltage on a multimeter.
Silly question time

Are you sure its dead power and not just dead bulbs?

As its LCD once the bulbs go you cant see a thing. Also when one bulb goes the other one follows a nanosecond later.

Not too hard a job to do, just a bit fiddly. Smoked glass panel bit off first then the clock etc screw fits on the back

No Mark, not the bulbs. I bought loads of little bulbs when I bought the car and spent hours changing them. I changed the 2 in the display after many hours removing it.

Did you ever get your clock fixed? If not, let me know the model and year and I'll see if I can find the wiring diagram.


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