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i have just brought a renault laguna and am leaving being a citeron nut after 20 years of this make. GS, CX<BX ZANTIA etc and now i am going to say goodbye to my xm. Its a 2.1 td 1996 p reg with 91k. leather seats, alloys mot till october and would like about £900 for it. got a few bits spare to go with it included eg wheels, headlamps etc. any body interested give me a ring 07710121911
You will probably regret it! I have tried several other vehicles as possible replacements for the XM and haven't found one that matches it. The most recent was an Omega 2.5 TD Estate. I thought with a 6 cylinder BMW engine it must be better, not a bit of it, the engine although smooth transmits more vibration into the cabin than the 2.1 TD XUD and there is very little torque at the bottom end, you have to drive it like a petrol car, disgusting, plus, the seats are nothing like as comfortable, and the ride, well work that out for youself. On top of all that the fuel consumption is not as good, and as for durability, I have tried two Omega's and they both had injection pump problems at not much over 100k miles, and the pumps are £1,000 + fitting. My last XM had done nearly 300k on the original pump. To keep my current XM means changing the head gasket but for me, at least, it's worth the hassle.

biggrin.gif Peter,
I know exactly what you mean, I'd replace my 2.5 if I knew what could replace it!
Yep me too

Keep looking ahead for replacement of my >200K 2.1td, do I stay Cit or try something else.

Theres a 2.5td Scorpio Estate in the local rag N plate, AC, CC,Leather etc for £700. Very tempted.

Then again its still not an XM. After having driven everything from Lexus to GC Jeeps to Golfs and Minis and plenty more in between, I still rank the XM as one of the best and for pennies to buy.

The only replacement would be a 4.2 Land Crusier, firm ride, not wallowy like most 4x4s, good MPG and can do more than the school run that most 4wds have to endure. The ex boss spent £55K every year on a new one, a hell of a lot of XMs for that money



Yes jontee you will most likley regret getting rid of your XM.
I gave mine a good wash today she deserves it.a J redg 2.1 td hatch grey mettalic 158k on the clock.
I paid £400 for her off ebay and its the best £400 I have ever spent.
The car is an absolute belter,she has just towed our caravan down to south wales and back (Lanc's) and done loads of touring down there.
I said to my wife what a brilliant drive the car gives(and not to pull a face when she needs a few hundred notes spending on her) and how comfortable she is on long journeys,we love the car it's the best ever.
I have had the car for around 8 months now and she's proven to be reliable,comfortable and very economical for the size she is.
She will be even more economical when I get her drinking the vegoil but thats another story.
Your renault will have to be a goodun to replace your XM.
Gary biggrin.gif
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