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Full Version Has Anyone Bought From Wolsey House Motors?

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Hi Gang...

Just a quick question - I've got a 2ltr petrol xm at the mo - I love it - but i'm not that happy about the fuel economy... Wolsey House Motors have a w reg 2.1td for sale... I'm interested to know how much better the fuel economy would be on a td vs the petrol - and whether nearly it makes sense to spent nearly 6 grand on an xm!

Hi Oli

I am currently running a V6 Auto car and a 2.5TD estate with each doing about 12k miles per year. I think that the V6 is costing me an extra £600 in fuel per year compared to the 2.5TD but there are small differences the other way such as the 2.5 costs £40 a year more for the insurance. The V6 is fun to drive but will end up SORN as I have just bought a 2.5 car for less than a years fuel difference.
Any XM purchase now represents a degree of risk though a W reg with very low miles and a full history may be good enough to justify considering the risk low enough to take despite the price. That has to be your decision I am afraid.
Compare the options including having your 2ltr gassed. Citroen xm is the expert on gas cars and has put up a fair number of posts.


Wolsey House Motors are my 'local' indy and where I purchased my XM 2.5 a few years back.
I paid over the odds for it, did not quibble at the price but asked for a whole list of work to be done that was not strictly speaking. immediately necessary including fitting a tow bar. I have subsequently taken the car back for a bumber to bumber inspection, all the belts to be changed and though the bill on first inspection seemed high, £950, was very pleased with the amount and quality of work undertaken.
They have a huge selection of cars from scrappies/spares stock to some very nice sales motors.
Yes, I bought from them and keep going back.
Hi Oli,

Which 2.0 do you have? I have a manual 2.0 sei (multipoint fuel injection, non-turbo) and a auto 2.1TD. There is no doubt that the 2.1TD gives better fuel economy overall. Around town the 2.0 is a little thirsty but on a long trip it is very good. In our country diesel is around 2/3 the cost of petrol (plus a small mileage charge) so diesels are generally cheaper to fuel anyway.

My view is that the 2.1TD and auto is a winning combination.

i would definitely concur with robin. bought mine from their three ago for what was slightly over the general autotrader / local rag price. i did the same, kept the price as asked for but got lots of work done including a new cambelt because they had lost the service book. you would not get that from autotrader / local rag. very competent and recommended. for choice they were (then anyway) fantastic. I could try out any car, any engine, even estates at the time. Obviously the 2.5 exclusive won out. Had there been an estate 2.5 exclusive then maybe!

when i look at three years motoring with no troubles beyond long term maintenance i cannot fault them. its been cheap overall and i hope several years to go...
My manual 2.1 td will give in excess of 50 mpg on a reasonably long trip, but not everyone drives as sedately as me. There no doubt in my mind that the 2.1 is the best IDI engine made, the consumption in the XM is better then the 1.9 in the Xantia, or even in my wifes ZX! You will pay a penalty for having the autobox but it should still be considerably better than a petrol. The 2.5 manual will do better than the 2.1 auto.

Hi. Oli.

The 2.1 diesel wins hands down for usable economy; most of those I've had have managed an average of 40 mpg without trying. Have to say however I don't think I'd want to be laying out 6k for an XM --- any dealer can well afford to throw in loads of goodies or jobs on a car which almost anywhere else on the open market (even nice, even W reg) would realistically struggle to make much over 2k. It's no coincidence that the predominant school of thought on the forum seems to be that a duff autobox is enough to scrap most XMs, due to their woeful 'value'. My present 2.1 Exclusive auto came in at the grand sum of under £500, just 100k on the clock and no significant issues. Ditto the last 2.5 estate I had. Personally, I just can't see now that you can possibly get enough added value to merit such a high figure.

...£6k for an XM? Is it one of the last 3lt 24v made??? biggrin.gif

I recall Medway Citroen just posted today on this forum their link and they have for sale 2-3 diesels for no more than £1,000.

Cheers for all the replies - I know that it seems crazy to pay that much for an XM and my 2lt ct turbo is going great guns at the mo - I just fancy the idea of a diesel auto... I will keep hunting. But if i do find one i like, then there will be a lovely burgandy vsx with under 80k for sale!

At 80k, if you look after the gearbox, you should be able to get a reasonable ammount of use from it. Or, you could buy a cheap high mileage one and have more than enough left over to fit a new gearbox if necessary.


EARLY Series one DERV;s with the mechanical Lucas fuel systems give 45 mpg average.

Later 2.1 td's (S2's) with EPIC and electronics give less more nearer 40mpg!

Strange but true!

The last ones with a mechanical pump were sold in Jan '96 and have the reg No's N...YBL. But I think they were all manual.

I have just noticed a 'P' reg 2.1 td Auto estate with aircon, on the Autotrader website for £1995. No mileage stated. Might be worth a phone call. You should be able to get it for less than that, there was an 80k one sold a few weeks ago for £1500.

And heres another one, only 87K.

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