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Hi guys,
As a side attraction to my XM (XU10J2)hydraulic problems I would like to replace a blowing and cracked exhaust manifold with a used one I obtained a while back. Hoping not to get caught with this ' simple' job I would be happy to have some tips and the dos and don'ts. Also read on some sites on the use of exhaust paste or high temperature silicone to aids sealing so would like to know whether this is advisable.
I have bought a set of exhaust gasket, the label of which is for the Peugeot 405. Will these be any problems?I noticed the gasket set has extra holes round the peripheral of the exhaust ports where no bolts are present on the manifold. Is this significant or are this the right gaskets?
Thanks in advance

Hi KcLeong

As a general rule, providing the mating surfaces are properly clean and undamaged, there should be no requirement to use any form of jointing compound either manifold to head, or manifold to pipe. The manifold / pipe union is designed to allow for some movement and if you use exhaust paste it will simply crack up and sporadically fall out, actually increasing the chance of a blow.

Plan for the worst case scenario of a stud snapping in the head and set aside time/contingencies
should it all go pear-shaped. To prevent it coming to that try (I know it's not easy!) spraying
some releasing oil onto the visible studs and use an 8 sided TIGHT method of grip. I'd gently
tap an extension bar etc end on this socket etc with a 'toffee hammer' to work the oil into any
threads and shock any rust that may be present on the threads. You can do this well in
advance of taking the plunge but remember - don't get burnt on any hot bits - sounds obvious
but sometimes the heat takes a while to dissipate...

The other end of the manifold onto the down-pipe is usually a right git with locked solid by
rust bolts that will need hacksawing off!! The full fitting kit with a wired donut mating collar
is available from GSF for about 15quid - you have to tell them they sell it and nobody usually
knows what it is!

The job should take you about an hour or so - is there a turbo involved though!!

I concur with Mike on the gaskets - you shouldn't need anything extra on the head and the
kit I mention seals the other end and it includes the springs/washers etc - it is supposed to
allow a small amount of flex on the down-pipe collar.

Thanks guys for the tips. Managed to swap exhaust manifolds over the weekend without much drama. Seven bolts and one nut from the manifold and refitted clean without any sealing stuff. Much easier than I anticipated except that in my jubilant mood managed to break the stud of a bolt holding the heat shield. Wasted a lot of time removing the remains and retapping the bolt hole. Also have to grind off a protrusion on the manifold preventing the complete seating of the heat shield. Fortunately I discovered that before installation.
As a side note the original gasket is exactly the same design with the ones that I replaced , with the extra hole and no corresponding bolt on the head.

Best rgds then and to the next problem....

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