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Full Version Boot (hatch) Won't Open!

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Help! I went to the tip this morning to get rid of some of the rubbish from the bathroom job. However I had to load all the rubbish throught the two rear doors cos the boot won't open. It was working great yesterday. It feels like the hand lever is not connected to any thing and yet the remote locking appears to be working as I can feel the clonk through the steel. I've looked inside and its fairly well all boxed in. Is their a way to open it?

If you have a Haynes BOFT for the XM, try page 12.13 section 14, but it does state, "Open the tailgate"

Others may be more useful on this one. Bon chance!
This happens to mine sometimes. The fix for mine is to lock and unlock the vehicle and then a firm push down on the hatch (in the centre under the spoiler). Good luck.


As per kiwi... Mine does it all the time, that being the S1 24v Manual, but if I press the Open catch then lean down on the boot lid to clicks open..

Just got used to the Nack of dooing it now!

Hi Demag.

Ditto the others. Unlock, lift opening lever, let go, push down, try again. Mine doesn't play about one time in three. Might be an idea when you do open it to whip the cover off and make sure nothing's broken or misadjusted. I always wince when SWMBO shuts it --- like trying to push it through the floor ! Mind, I've also noticed how often people who don't have a proper car really slam the doors when they get in. Certainly on mine, the doors close properly with the slightest pull.

Hi demag,

Not wishing to repeat all the above advice but sometimes the boot lock gets confused, locking when it should be unlocked and vice versa. Try locking the car and opening the boot.


noz cool.gif
That's an interesting point noz tongue.gif never thought of that, I'll try it later. It's always been stiff to open just like every one on here, but usually firm pressure by the spoiler while operating the lever does the trick.
Just checked it again and it is definitely locked shut irrespective of the other door lock positions. I will have to crawl in via the back seats with a torch and see if I can remove the trim from the inside.

It feels just like a link rod has either become detached or else something has broken. mad.gif
...and what about unlocking with the key??

Tried that George but no good.
Everyone sounds like they've tuned into the press down to open
the tailgate trick so IT MUST be an XM characteristic!

I got the tailgate open on a car being scrapped the other day ONLY
by removing the inner tailgate trim which is actually easy and quick
enough to do although it sounds drastic...

It was then a case of getting the now visible levers and rods to
manipulate in the correct orientation to actually trigger the catch.
Once you've got it open I'd concentrate on the motor as these
do get lazy.

Good news!

I followed Andrew's lead and managed to remove all the trim from inside. It was harder than I thought but it all came out. Then I sprang the catch with a screwdriver. Once open I checked it all out and found nothing broken but a bit of wear and rust here and there. I was going to take the lock out and clean it all up but in typical Citroen style it looks a right swine! So I satisfied myself with a clean and lube.

Now! The extra good news!

The fixing holes on the lock mechanism are slightly elongated allowing slight adjustment. So just before I tightened the bolts I moved the lock to the bottom of its travel. Result: One handed operation and a positive lock. smile.gif
rolleyes.gif ...and for the future : rods and levers of this lock are accessible after removing the licenceplate bulbholders.... Of course, XM drivers are honest people
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