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Full Version Dash Trim Removal Mk1

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can anyone tell me how to remove the trim surrounding the heater controls?
need to replace the bulbs, dont want to break anything!
Ahh this is a fun job, I've just done it!

Its a sod, if it wernt for the broken quadtrant on the distribution selector I would not have bothered.. nearly the whole dash has to come out, and you will still break some of the tags on the main part of the dash moulding. However I might have one of the rarest S1's of all now, one that has everydash bulb working!


Pull the knobs off the heater conreols, remove the instrument cowling (I kid you not) now remove the front panel of the ehater controls (two screws under the knobs) Now you have to remove the front panle of the dash this has various scres under the dash, and 4 on each corner of the heater section, and two that will have bee exposed by the removal of the instrument cowling. This section can now be removed, but would be easier if you tool the steering shroud off along with the indicator and wiper stalks.

Now you ahve to remove the intermediate part, this als has a lot of screws and is a little tricky to get out. At this point you will find you can get the conreol panel out, but you may still find you break a tag or two.. If the conreols work I really woudl leave it alone!


thanks stewart
In that case I think I will be leaving it for now!
will just have to remember which switch does what when dark, once I get it back on the road!


Both my S1's V6 have complete set of working bulbs!! biggrin.gif tongue.gif

Ken newbold
As do mine, but I recall it not being too bad a job. Just take your time and look for the screws, I think I have a complete spare MK1 facia that I could post up some pics of if it would help.
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