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I drove my xm for the first time on a long run today, about 150mls, I found it more comfortable than my jeep but I was surprised at the high level of wind and tyre noise and wondered what other owners opinions were, I expected it to be v quiet due to the low drag?
perhaps its using the wrong tyres, I know the front two arent a pair.

More concerning is the noise coming from the front o/s when almost on full lock but only when in motion, ie when driving round a sharp r/h corner, it is a rubbing/binding type of noise but I cant see evidence of this anywhere underneath, could the hydraulic pump make this type of noise as the steering is slightly heavy? any suggestions please?

Road noise from tyres is something that has exercised me for a while. The difference between different makes and models of tyre is huge - but not an area that anyone seems to talk about much. In fact, the whole area of the effect different tyres have on a car's performance and feel is neglected - tyre people know about tyres and car people tend not to, so no-one seems to join the dots ...

I had a C5 estate that I considered suffered from excessive raod noise. Extra sound-deadening helped, but what really improved things was changing away from Michelin tyres to (first) Goodyears and (then) Continentals. The Michelins were measurably more economical on fuel, though.

I have this morning had Vredesteins fitted at the front of my XM 24V in place of some shot-at Avons, and the peace and quiet inside now is amazing! First impressions of the Vredesteins (Sportrac 3) are therefore good: they're reported to be good in the wet also.

Most wind-noise seems to come from the sunroof and is very variable - it depends a lot on the amount and direction of the wind outside as well as the speed you're doing. If you don't have a sunroof, the door-seals must be suspect.

Compared with other cars, I have always found the road noise to be pretty low, but it does as Quentin says, have a lot to do with the type and condition of the tyres, new ones with plenty of tread, help insulate the car from the road and generate less external noise by being more flexible.

The single factor that makes the most difference, especially to the ride, are the tyre pressures. 33 psi is the recommended pressure for the estates but unless I am carrying a lot of weight, I find that 30 psi gives a much better ride and lower than that even better, although I am not reccomending this you understand! If you dont check your pressures very often, its amazing how low they can get without you noticing, then, when you re inflate them to the correct pressure it ruins your beautiful smooth ride!

I agree tyre types can make a great difference, the car has on the front 1 Michelin enery, 1 michelin classic with euromasters on the rear, dont know much about these?
currently all 30psi

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